Billie in the Forest


By Hilary Diack


Getting many of your daily nutritional requirements in two power-packed punches of freshly squeezed juice sounds attractive. Even better if you have someone to create an exciting variety of juices to keep your taste-buds dancing while you lap up the health benefits. Cairo East Magazine chatted with Billie, owner and creator of Billie in the Forest to learn how her program works.



CEM: How did the idea of launching Billie in the Forest come to you?

Billie: It was an intensely personal experience to start with. I was your typical ‘eat what tastes good’ kind of gal! I loved all rich food and I thought that was the way to pamper myself and make my body and taste buds happy. Then it hit me… If my body was happy, why was I out of shape, both mentally and physically, short tempered and sleeping poorly? Something had to change, and I found that juices delivered the color and flavor I craved to make meals an enjoyable experience. Juicing made such a change in my life I felt I needed to share it.

What is the basis of your program?

By focusing on whatever is fresh and in season I come up with fruit, herb and vegetable combinations that are packed with enzymes and nutrients. Sometimes I add nuts as well. The week-long course includes two juices per day, one to replace a full meal and one as a snack. I vary the juices to allow a rich range of vitamins and enzymes, as well as making each one a colorful surprise each time. It’s all about being kind to your body, it helps if a person can stop smoking and try to eat healthy food for their normal meal.

How do you manage if a person has a food allergy or dislikes something?

Before we start they answer a comprehensive questionnaire. This covers any dietary and health issues so I take a stroll through my forest and select juices which will work for them.

What are typical ingredients you might include?

Pomegranate, green apples, strawberries, carrots, mint, ginger, lemon, sweet potatoes; all in different mixtures. According to seasonal availability the range expands.  I add fresh herbs and nuts as well in some. At the end of your walk through the forest, you will receive a summary of the fruits and vegetables you have consumed.

How long does a course last for, and how long does it take before you see a result?

The entire experience is recommended for a minimum of one week, two weeks or one month where you will be receiving juices daily or every two days upon the schedule set, periodic inspirational quotes and nutrition facts. It takes a minimum of a week, but for people with chronic health issues it usually takes a bit longer. A week plan costs 420 EGP, and you can sign up by contacting us by phone or email.

What are the main benefits?

By receiving the right nutrients the body should rebalance itself and maintain a state of good digestion and equilibrium.  This is a light form of detoxing which reflects on physical, emotional and mental health.

How do your clients receive your juices?

People in 6th of October and Cairo-Alex road pick up their juices from an office building on the Cairo-Alex road. We deliver free of charge in Zamalek, Mohandessin and Dokki, but there is an extra charge for delivery to places in Heliopolis and Kattameya. The juices are also available through PhysioEgypt.

We heard you are helping some younger members of our community as well?

Yes, we regularly contribute juices for the young members of the Street Children’s Football Team. It is gratifying to note that they have had very few colds and snuffles this winter since starting our program. The nutritional input makes a huge difference. On another note, we are also encouraging community members to contribute outgrown sneakers and trainers, the boys are always in need of these.

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