Beit Matta


Egyptian Soul with a Modern Twist

By Hilary Diack


Back in September 2012, Peter Matta started on the journey that now brings the time-honored craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans to life through a reinvented perspective. After his return from New York, Matta put his creativity and interest in traditional Egyptian design to work on his new home in El Gouna. This propelled him on a course to becoming one of the most innovative designers in town.


Soon besieged by friends to recreate the distinctive furniture and signature pieces that had captured their hearts when visiting his home, he pulled away from his successful family business to dedicate time to something more personal that he could pursue with a passion.

So Beit Matta came about.


More than two years on, his eye-catching designs, created to exacting standards by local craftsmen under his supervision, are springing up not only in Egypt, but in homes as far flung as California, London, New York and Kuwait.


Beit Matta’s range encompasses furniture, often using unique textiles sourced on Matta’s trips around Egypt and the world, distinctive copper hand beaten trays and ice-buckets, ceramic trays and coasters, and simple but dramatic jewelry. With summer now under way Beit Matta has added a collection of outdoor furniture, each item a unique statement created with solid wood and reclaimed metal. The exciting products have also caught the eye of major names in town, leading to Matta undertaking the A-Z design and execution of venues for large events.


Currently orders can be placed by contacting Matta directly via his Facebook page, or through two outlets in El Gouna that stock Beit Matta products. To meet growing demand there are also plans under way to have products available from outlets in Cairo, good news for Beit Matta’s rapidly growing fan base.


Contact Details (To be placed in the Address Book at the end of the magazine)

Tel: 0109 999 1541

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