Beauty Contouring Tutorial


Achieving Sculpted Cheekbones with Make-up

If you were born with chiseled cheekbones and a structured jawline, then lucky you! But for those of us who need a little sculpting, our guide to step-by-step contouring will help.


Step 1. Prepare your face with two shades of foundation: Dot on a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin color in the center of your face, and another that’s one shade darker than your complexion around the edges.

Step 2. Blend the two shades: Using a brush, blend the two shades on your face to create an illusion of depth and dimension.

Step 3. Map the contours and highlights of your face:  Mark the areas you want to contour, the hollows under your cheekbones, your temples, along your hairline, jawline, the sides of your nose, the tip of the nose, and the crease of your eyes, with a deeply-colored brow gel pencil. Brow gel pencils are really concentrated, yet smudge really well and it’s easy to control the placement of their dark pigment, making it perfect for contouring.

Next, use an all-over cream highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, on the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the center of your chin, and on your cupid’s bow.

Step 4. Blend the two for a flawless finish: Create that sculpted airbrushed effect using a flat top dense brush to buff out the two shades to perfection.

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