Astro Compatibility


All in your Stars?

By Hilary Diack

We have heard about star-crossed lovers, and being starry-eyed with happiness, but what can the stars really tell us about our love lives and finding the right match? As most people don’t get past comparing their Sun signs; that’s as good a starting point as any. For anyone wanting to delve a bit deeper go to our online version.


(21 March-20 April)

You have a warm and ardent nature, true to your ‘fire’ sign element. Your keywords are adventurous, reckless, impatient, enthusiastic and affectionate. A born pioneer, you should team up with someone who can stand the pace, and enjoy the ride.

Best matches:

Gemini – Your daredevil moods and spur-of-the-moment plans will appeal to variety-loving Gemini, and their ability to change like a chameleon will intrigue you.

Leo: A fellow fire sign, you will be able fuel each other’s joie de vivre, but your slightly rough-and-ready approach may offend Leo’s need for respect (or adulation).

Sagittarius: You could conquer the world together, you share an adventurous streak and resilience that would help you stand up to of a lot of challenges together.

Wild card:

Aquarius: Aries can be a tad selfish, so may not understand the Aquarian’s humanistic and ‘do-gooder’ tendencies. But Aries is not clingy by nature, and that suits Aquarius just fine.

Best to avoid:

Cancer: Just too touchy and sensitive to cope with your average Aries. Aries’ quick temper may have Cancer in tears a bit too often.

Libra: They say that opposites attract, but Libra’s need for a structured social life and elegant lifestyle may clash with Aries unwillingness to be tied down to protocol too much.


(21 April-21 May) 

Practical, down to earth, sensual, stubborn, comfort-loving, gourmand, and often musical, Taurus really can be called the ‘salt of the earth’. You appreciate stability, and can be good providers, as the material things in life count with you.

Best matches:

Cancer: Cancer is a great home-maker, and is comfortable taking care of anyone they love. As they are often good cooks it can be a match made in heaven.

Virgo: Both earth signs, you appreciate each other’s common-sense. If Taurus can be patient with Virgo’s tendency to nit-pick and nag it can be a long-lasting union.

Capricorn: Nothing would suit Taurus better than ambitious hard-working Capricorn. The mortgage will get paid on time! Not many surprises here, but Capricorn may find that Taurus can bring out the best in them.

Pisces: Sweet natured Pisces can get along just fine with Taurus, and will usually be happy to go with the flow. Taurus may need to handle the day to day business side of life, but Pisces’ unpredictability can inject a bit of excitement into the mix.

Wild card:

Leo: You both love the finer things in life, and Leo is generous by nature. So long as the money keeps rolling in it could work, but when the funds run out things could fall apart.

Best to avoid:

Aquarius: The rebel of the galaxy and conservative Taurus may have trouble finding common ground. Unless of course, they can combine the Taurean affinity for the soil and gardens with Aquarius’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit in an eco-farming venture. Just a thought!





(22 May-21 June) 

One of the dual signs, Gemini often marries more than once. You can get bored rather easily, and need a mate who can keep up with your craving for variety and stimulation. On the up-side, you are a great mate for anyone who enjoys being kept guessing, another Gemini maybe?

Best matches:

Leo: So long as Gemini pays proud Leo the right amount of attention and avoids flirting with anyone else it could be a great relationship. You could keep each other endlessly entertained, and play on each other’s sense of drama.

Libra: Two air signs together run the risk of getting lost in the world of ideas, and wonderful conversations about the social scene, the latest scandals and a spot of culture. All very well, but who would be willing to buckle down and take care of the daily chores?

Aquarius: Gemini would be a willing partner in many of Aquarius’s escapades. You both enjoy thinking outside of the box, and are up for anything new and different. You bring out each other’s quirky creativity.

Wild card:

Aries: You both thrive on busy lifestyles, and that means you probably wouldn’t have time for ennui to set in. Gemini can burn out with too much nervous energy, so Aries should know when to slow the pace for a while.

Best to avoid:

Virgo: Although you are both ruled by the planet Mercury it may be too much of a good thing. Both signs enjoy communication and mental challenges, but equally share an ability to ‘burn out’ by overdoing things.

Sagittarius: Initially it may seem like a load of fun, especially as travel-loving Sagittarius can come up with more than enough ideas to keep Gemini enthralled. But deep down Gemini needs to have someone to ground them a little, and Sagittarius may not be able to fit the bill.


(22 June-22 July) 

Sensitive, intuitive, caring, protective, but also moody and easily hurt or offended, Cancer needs someone who can appreciate their wonderful qualities. Usually good in the kitchen and keen home-makers.

Best matches:

Taurus: This is a combination that could work long-term. You both appreciate stability, and family life. Financially you understand how to build up a tidy nest egg, real estate investments could work out well.

Virgo: There is enough common ground to let this combination work,although Virgo may have to hold back on the urge to dish out well-meaning criticism. Cancer may respond by withdrawing into his or her shell, making for long cold periods of silence while poor Virgo tries to work out what went wrong.

Scorpio: Ah, here is someone that can understand what it is like to be ruled by emotions. You may not even have to use words to communicate, empathy should be strong.

Pisces: This could end up being a tear-fest, especially when it comes to soppy movies. Keep a good stock of Kleenex on hand.

Wild card:

Aquarius. Over the years there have been a lot of strong marriages between Cancerian women and Aquarian men, although it is hard to see what makes them work!

Best to avoid:

Aries: You are a bit like chalk and cheese, it is unlikely you will be attracted to each other unless you have a dynamic in your personal birth charts.


(23 July-22 August) 

Proud,dignified, generous and creative, you can be the best of friends and a loyal and protective mate for whoever is lucky enough to win your heart. You do respond well to flattery and cannot stand to be ignored, but that rarely happens as you stand out in any crowd.

Best matches:

Aries: Just as courageous as its fellow fire sign, Aries can also provide the warmth and affection that will keep a relationship humming along. Never a dull moment here!

Gemini: Silver-tongued Gemini can fascinate andintrigue Leo, and has a sense of drama that suits Leo’s flamboyant side.

Libra: Elegant, tactful and charming, and usually good-looking,Libra is a great mate for any Leo who wants a mate who can keep up to his or her standards. Cultured as well!

Wild card:

Sagittarius: Yes, you share the fire element, but Sagittarius can be a little too blunt at times for your comfort. However, so long as you find enjoyable activities to share it can work.

Best to avoid:

Scorpio: Scorpio’s particular brand of sarcasm will go down like a lead balloon with proud Leo. Leo has a warm heart, but likes to be king or queen of the castle. Scorpio isn’t impressed!


(23 August-21 September)

So often maligned due to your critical nature and seeming cool demeanour, you actually do have a softer side. Maybe it is your rather shy nature that stops people getting too close to you, although when you choose to open up it can be hard to stop you! It’s true, you can be a neat-freak, fussy about food, and nit-picky about details, but those can be strengths as well.

Best matches:

Taurus: This can work, you are both well-grounded and practical by nature. Taurus will help Virgo relax and learn to take time to smell the flowers. Taurus enjoys eating well, and Virgo will be making sure it is organic, hydroponic, gluten-free etc., so that is a good start.

Scorpio: If anyone can uncap the hidden depths within Virgo, it is likely to be a Scorpio. They can see beyond that Virgo veneer of prudishness and encourage them to live life a little more to the full. Scorpio appreciates Virgo’s keen analytical ability. Potentially a powerful combo.

Capricorn: Again, both being earth signs the focus is on practicality. A shared respect for responsibilities and routine may see a household running like clockwork, the only catch being that spontaneity and fun may be stifled unless you write it into your calendar.

Wild card:

Aquarius: Virgo likes a bit of space torecoup energy and relax, and Aquarius is good at allowing that. You can be mentally stimulating for each other.

Best to avoid:

Sagittarius: If Virgo gets too critical of Sagittarius’s slap-happy ways they may get it back in spades. There is not a lot of common ground here, so hurt feelings would probably be the result.


(22 September-22 October)

Born diplomats, lovers of culture, fine art and refinement, and love, of course. Libra is rarely without a significant other for long as partnerships are important to you. But, you tend to be indecisive, something that can keep relationships and other life issues a bit on edge.

Best Matches:

Gemini: Libra adores good company, and who better than a Gemini to keep them endlessly entertained.This combination could throw great parties together.

Leo: Big-spending Leo likes to invest in making a good impression, and Libra has the taste to do it well. You couldn’t beat this pair-up for climbing the social ladder.

Capricorn: It may seem strange that airy Libra could work with stolid Capricorn, but Capricorn’s ambition and drive will ensure Libra the security and social position it craves.

Wild card:

Pisces: Pisces can be a goodfoil for Libra’s vacillations. They are empathetic, cuddly and generally happy to go with the flow.

Best to avoid:

Aries: Although Libra could be swept away by Aries full-on charm, all of that energy and being constantly on the go would wear Libra out. That Libra lazy streak, you see.


(23 October-21 November)

Magnetic, inscrutable, secretive and often suspicious, you can keep most people guessing. You have a talent for keeping the object of your affections under a spell, your ability to manipulate is second to none. A deep thinker, you have little interest in the banal or trivial.

Best matches:

Cancer: Male Scorpio will enjoy the femininity that lady Cancer has by the bucket load. Both are highly intuitive, so it can be an emotionally harmonious pairing.

Virgo: Virgo will have a healthy respect for your strong personality, and is usually attracted to your simmering sex-appeal. You can recognize and benefit from each other’s strengths.

Pisces: Again, a combination of two water signs can be a marriage made in heaven, or just too soppy and dramatic for words.  Think Liz Taylor and Richard Burton for example.

Wild card:

Taurus: Polar opposites, but there is a strong sensuality factor at play here. Both of you enjoy hedonistic pleasures, maybe a little too much when you are there to spur each other on!

Best to avoid:

Aquarius: Aquarius may set themselves up for ridicule by Scorpio if they keep insisting on trying to save the world. Scorpio has a ruthlessly pragmatic streak after all.


(22 November-21 December)

Great friend, intrepid adventurer, philosopher, sporty. And to top it off your probably have a zany sense of humor, practical jokes included. You are not the easiest person to domesticate, so try teaming up with a fellow traveler, someone who will enjoy sharing your wanderlust.

Best Matches:

Aries: You are well suited, and may be great buddies as well as romantic partners.Actually romance may take a second seat to just having fun.

Leo: You share a big-hearted approach to life, so anything you do together would have to be on a grand scale. We are talking “wedding-of-the-year” stuff here.

Aquarius: OK, so you may scoff at some of Aquarius’ more eccentric habits, but you will appreciate the freedom this partnership allows. Nothing worse than trying to tie either of you down!

Wild Card:

Fellow Sagittarius: It could be a bit much with two daredevil risk-takers together, willing to take a gamble on anything. But hey, if it works it could be amazing!

Best to avoid:

Cancer: It would take Cancer too much effort to keep track of Sagittarius, and equally Sagittarius would never understand Cancer’s moody silences.


(22 December-20 January)

Ambitious and far-sighted, you are not daunted by looking at things in the long term. Actually, that is where one of your greatest strengths lies; you can plan ahead and work steadily towards your goal. And heaven help anyone who tries to stand in your way.

Best matches:

Taurus: You can both be quite frugal, so sit back together and watch the bank accounts grow. Real estate investments together should work, and any home you might create together will simply ooze timeless quality.

Virgo: Luckily Capricorn can happily exist without overt displays of affection, so life with steady Virgo can work in the long run. It’s not that Virgo isn’t crazy about Capricorn; it’s just that shyness about expressing it!

Pisces: This pair-up can have a little magic. Pisces has the ability to sprinkle a bit of other-worldly stardust along the way, something that might nudge Capricorn away from any obsession with routine.

Wild card:

Aries: Aries is a great one for initiating something, and Capricorn certainly has staying power. This has potential to be a powerhouse combination, especially if you plan to make waves in the social sphere.

Best to avoid:

Gemini: Capricorn has limited patience with frivolity, and although you might enjoy Gemini’s gift of the gab, the personality changes may eventually tire you.


(21 January-19 February)

Sometimes eccentric, always fascinating, and definitely quirky, you may confuse most of the people who try to keep up with your own brand of logic. You are probably just a bit ahead of your time. Anyone who lets you steal their heart will never be bored, that’s for sure!

Best matches:

Gemini: Gemini has the ability to adapt to the company it keeps, so you could spend happy hours chatting about the strangest things. However, can Aquarius’s need for personal space and Gemini’s occasional fickle nature create enough glue to hold it together?

Libra: Libra will warm to Aquarius’s cerebral character, and like your unique approach to art and literature. It could be a fine marriage of minds, if a little lacking in other departments.

Sagittarius: As mentioned before, there will be a live-and-let-live element to this partnership. Plenty of breathing space, but Sagittarius needs to respect Aquarius’s somewhat radical ideas on certain topics.

Wild card:

Aries: You have an inventive streak, and Aries loves kick-starting new projects. And Aries has a warm, affectionate nature that may just remind the ‘tin man’ that he does have a heart after all.

Best to avoid:

Leo: Leo’s love of ostentation could have the hackles rising on proletarian Aquarius’s neck. All that largesse when there are under-privileged people in need? It would be a challenge to make it work.


(20 February-20 March)

Soulful, sensitive, dreamer, and a wonderful shoulder to cry on. If you are not busy rescuing people from themselves you are probably collecting strays for adoption. Not always on track yourself when it comes to practical issues, you have your own special brand of creative genius.

Best matches:

Taurus: Taurus has the practical streak to balance Pisces dream-like approach to daily realities. There is a lot of love here though, both have a warm nature.

Cancer: You are both very sensitive, and so intuitive at times you don’t need to have things explained. If you can be strong enough together to keep the hard, cruel world at bay it would be wonderful.

Scorpio: This is someone Pisces can relate to, even when things get stormy. It just makes it more fun to patch it up, again and again.


Wild card:

Capricorn: There should be a natural rapport, and Capricorn will keep Pisces working to some sort of a schedule in life. Well, almost.

Best to avoid:

Anyone of any sign who doesn’t adore you for simply being you!

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