Arttalks “Love Affair” Exhibition



Guirguis Lotfy’s second solo exhibition at ArtTalks “LOVE AFFAIR” opened on Tuesday May 20th at 8 El Kamel Mohamed Street. Zamalek and will run until June 17th 2014.

In Love Affair, Lotfy’s stunning canvases proudly immortalize our collective cultural identity and draw from our most important common denominator – our popular rituals. Showcasing works from the early 1990s until today, Love Affair is a mini-voyage into Lotfy’s unparalleled knowledge of these rituals, many of which are still practiced in contemporary Egypt; others long forgotten.

The apparent simplicity and naivety of his paintings narrating every day mundane scenes of every day mundane people seize the spirit, authenticity and tolerance of Egyptians. His work turns the ordinary into extraordinary renditions of who we truly are and ‘reveal the light that comes from people.

Guirguis Lotfy was born in 1955 in Alexandria, where he works and lives. He holds a BFA from Alexandria’s faculty of fine arts and an MFA and a PhD from the Helwan Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. Both theses were supervised by two of Egypt’s most important pioneer artists – Hamed Nada and Hamed Owais, whom he befriended until their deaths.

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