Art Scene


for April 2015


Mashrabia Gallery

From 26 April to 21 May



A continuation of his latest exhibition Toys (2014), Bulldozer is an ongoing project started in mid-2014.

As in the previous one, the paintings of Bulldozer combine the use of manipulated plastic sheets together with the distortion of images from various sources.

The bulldozer which appears in some of the paintings and gives the title to the exhibition, epitomizes the deconstruction and reposition affecting the people and the society, either in a cynical satire or playful reimagining. Bulldozer reflects the sarcasm of human and social behavior and relationships.


Until 23 April 2015

”Parallel Life”

by Mohamed Abdulla

The Parallel Life projects stems from my interest in insects and their behaviour, which accompanies me since childhood.

Even today, I find myself monitoring flocks of ants and playing with my fingers to interrupt their compact disposition. Then, I am amazed by how soon they are able to deal with the obstacle and come back to their earlier well organizedbehaviour.

The project Parallel Life wants to explore the parallel and mysterious universes other than the human’s one. The project aims to portray the world of the insects with its aesthetics and behaviour, especially some features that attracted me such as mass, colour and movement.


Contact Details:

8 Champollion St., Tahrir Sq. Cairo

Tel: 02 2578 4494, Mob: 0100 170 4554

Open Daily, 11 AM to 8 PM




Safarkhan Gallery

‘Remembering’ Mahmoud Said, The icon of the Egyptian identity

 24 March – 10 April 2015

This special exhibition of Mahmoud Said on his 118th birth anniversary is only a reminder of the greatness of this iconic Egyptian artist whose works continues to enchant us and the rest of the world with its everlasting epitome of beauty.

The biggest proof of the strength of this genius artist is the continued local  and international high demand for his works.


Contact Details:

6, Brazil St., Zamalek, Cairo.

Tel: 0111 007 0707

Open Daily, 11 AM to 9 PM


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