Art Scene


for January 2016

Mashrabia Gallery

Exhibition: Slowly

Artist: Amre Heiba

When: Until January 7, 2016

Address: 8, Champollion St.Downtown


Details : Slowly moves from William Empson’s poem Missing Dates, a frequent source of inspiration for the artist. Instead of being a mere illustration of the poem itself, the show rather wants to express the feelings aroused by the text. In line with his previous production, Heiba portrays a dystopian world where colors, figures and spaces work together to recreate the sense if discomfort and violence of a world changing for the worst.

Exhibition: It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane

Artist: Shayma Kamel

When: Until January 20, 2016

Address: Embassy of Switzerland, 24, Gamal El-Din Abou El-Mahassen, Garden City


Details : Resulting from the interchange between Mashrabia and the Swiss Office for International Cooperation, the show celebrates not only the 25-years long pioneering mission of Mashrabia Gallery, but also the support and promotion of young local talents by the Embassy of Switzerland.


Gypsum Gallery

Exhibition: A Season in Hell 

Artist:  Amr Kafrawy

When: Until January 20, 2016

Address: 5 Ibrahim Naguib St., Ground Floor, Apt. 2, Garden City


Details : The exhibition assembles a collection of old and recent work made out of canvas, celluloid, wood, paper, linen and plastic. Some artists have taken their queues from the explosion of mass media and online images to explore the gulf between what we see and what we comprehend.


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