Art For April 2016




Exhibition: Patches

Artist: Assem Abdel Fattah

Address:15 El Batal Ahmed

Abdel Aziz Street, Mohandessin

When:  27th March- 10th April

Details: Assem Abdel Fattah is an Egyptian artist drawing in a child’s brush. The big and extended strokes that feature his elementary sketches are later supplemented with an amalgamation of colors. His is a “professional childhood”: that vision that permeates the artist’s lens and world of canvas as well is neither an abstract, a circumventing nor a cubistic vision; it rather portrays the dazzled first impression of a child’s eyes.


Sarkis Tossoonian - 7.standing 2014 bronze 23x4x3.5cm



Artist: Sarkis Tossoonian and Alfons Louis

Address: 6, Brazil St., Zamalek

When:  11th April – 4th May

Details: Safarkhan has the pleasure to invite you on a group exhibition by two greatly talented sculptors Sarkis Tossoonian and Alfons Louis, native of the seaside city of Alexandria in Egypt. These sculptors represents in their work the many facets of the ancient Egyptian culture to the Greco Roman civilization as well as the Coptic and Islamic heritage.




Exhibition: Circles In The Sand

Artist: Sayed Saad El Din

Address: 8 El Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek

When:  15th March-10st April

Details: Time goes by. And the years go past. And somehow and for some unknown reasons, we remain in love, infatuated by its sand, smitten by its sun, struck by its Nile, burdened by its glorious past, and bonded to its people. Sayed Saad El Din helps us understand, put some Sufi reasoning into this piercing feeling of attachment, of belonging to a land where kindness still exists hidden underneath the sand, where warmth wraps the mind and soul past a blazing sun, where harmony is concealed behind turmoil, and where hope prevails, though tomorrow is capricious.H-Gohar-5


The Shelter

Exhibition: Beyond Photography

Artist: Hussein Gohar

Address: First floor of the Yamama Center, 3 Taha Hussein , Zamalek

When:  2nd  April-16ts April

Details: Hussein Gohar, born in 1964 in Egypt, is a gynecologist by profession and a photographer by passion.

When asked about his fondness for the abstract, Hussein said “Abstract photography does not play by the rules. In fact, it’s the ideal opportunity to break the rules.”

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