Animals and Humans


Sculpture Exhibit at Capital Business Park

Sculpture is an art long-practiced throughout human history; the Ancient Egyptians sculpted statues depicting their deities and royals. Since time immemorial, this art has been preserved, and those who practice it are keen on using touch and movement to achieve a specific form.

Alkahila Art Gallery, in cooperation with Capital Business Park (CBP), Sheikh Zayed City, brought together a selection of sculptures by the finest creative artists in the art of sculpture: Said Saad Eldeen, George Bahgoury, Mostafa Al Ezaby, Ramadan Abd-Elmoatmed, Ammar Shiha, Alaa Mohamady, Ehab El Asiouty, Wael Karem, Hassan Kamel, Abdo Ramzy, Hassan Sadek and Rawheya Tawfik.

The exhibit titled”Animals and

Humans” depicts figures through the unique points of view of these talented Egyptian artists. Using the outdoor promenade of CBP as the gallery space has given audiences a more realistic experience of this hyper-realistic art form.

The exhibition took place last month at Capital Promenade.


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