Andiamo in Heliopolis


Andiamo is one of the best places to serve pizza in Heliopolis with an authentic Italian accent.

Concept:  Pizza garden & bar

Type of cuisine:  Italian Pizzeria

Beverages:  A buzzing bar with house signature drinks

Signature dishes: Pizza Andiamo, made of smoked salmon, red caviar, finely chopped onions and capers on a base of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The pizza bar also offers a house specialty pizza – Merguez, which is French Moroccan lamb sausage, a real ingredient delicacy.

Menu overview: Andiamo’s menu offers three options of light salads; ruccola, mushroom and Caprese and a handful of appetizers; mix bruschetta, cheese platter, bar dips and house invention Roulades. It offers 17 types of pizza, including their dessert one.

Dishes sampled: We started with an assorted mix of Roulades – filled with pizza ingredients; blue cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni and mushroom. The appetizers were served warm, straight from the oven, with melt-in-your-mouth cheese in each bite. To make the most of our experience, we were served a combination of pizzas in one. The first pizza was a combination of their signature Andiamo, and house specialty Merguez.  Andiamo offers one size of pizza and all pizzas displayed in the menu have the same tomato sauce/mozzarella cheese base. Their pizza is the authentic Italian thin-crust, crispy dough that you will find in Rome. The Smoked salmon red caviar was a first timer. The red, thin, spicy harissa taste of the Merguez sausage adds a very special aroma to the pizza, making it a must try. Our second pizza was a combination of salami and spicy green chilli – Diavoletto, which was definitely the winner. And the other half a succulent Quattro Fromagio – parmesan, goat cheese, blue cheese and cheddar. Two of our pizzas Merguez and Quattro Fromaggio received a final touch of ruccola on the top and a duo of spiced truffle and olive oils are served on the side. A little reminder on the menu wall says that “All Pizzas contain Mozzarella except Nutella”. As our mission is not fully accomplished without trying the dessert we had to experiment with the Nutella option, which can come topped with marshmallows, strawberry or bananas. As true Nutella lovers, we opted for a simple, straightforward, Nutella only pizza. It was a heavenly end to our lovely afternoon. Andiamo’s positive impression left us spreading the word around and we look forward to going back soon.

Other menu options that appealed: Napolitana and Buffalo pizza are our next picks.

Décor: Andiamo is set up in a cozy and inviting garden, completely outdoors, sheltered with a canopy for the rainy days. The restaurant’s capacity is 40 people. You can sit on the bar or on any of 5 high tables spread along the green garden fence. The focal point is the bar counter, displaying a range of house-dried fruits nibbles, two side columns carrying the menus on their walls – birdcage lighting fixtures and vintage Mediterranean posters bring even more character and charm to the place. An authentic Italian oven is placed just at the corner where you can sit and watch your pizza in the making. Staff is friendly and service is efficient.

Clientele mix: Heliopolis crowd and pizza lovers.

Price range:   Expect to pay 3 digits for your pizza

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 3am
Address:  66 Omar  Ibn  El Khattab Street – Heliopolis
Tel:   +01005509948   (weekend reservation is advised)
Facebook page:  Andiamo Pizza Garden Bar
Instagram: AndiamoCairo

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