An Excursion into the World of Pottery & More!


Al Fakhareen Village

An Excursion into the World of Pottery & More!


In old Cairo lies the Fakhareen Village, a vast  open gallery for all kinds of pottery, including:


  • Darb 1718
  • Azza Fahmy Design Studio
  • The Pottery Market
  • Nathan Doss sculpture atelier
  • Sami Badawi ceramics gallery


Darb 1718

An Egyptian organization founded in 2008, Darb 1718 is a modern contemporary art space complete with two art exhibition spaces, a theater, dance and concert stages, an outdoor cinema and gardens.


Azza Fahmy Design Studio

The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy is a leading jewellery design teaching Institute.


The Pottery Market

Offering all kinds of ceramic and pottery products, suitable for any kind of decor, either modern or classic, affordable pricing, and you can make a special order of your own design.


Nathan Doss sculpture atelier

The Atelier of artist Nathan Doss was founded in 1994 in Al Fakhareen Village. Doss’s sculptural work is original, and innovative. Doss has previously exhibited his work in public shows at the Youth Salon, The Ahmad Shawki Museum and Al Hanager Center.


Sami Badawi Ceramic Gallery

His ceramic work uses a unique method of coloring whereby a special paste is applied to the tile surface in such a way that it creates a textured effect. The work is inspired by Nubian, Islamic and Folkloric arts.

Location & Contacts:

Kasr El Shame’ St. Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo, behind the Hanging Church, Mary Girgis.

Tel: 02 23610511

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 10 am – 10 pm

Friday 3pm – 10pm

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