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Type of cuisine: Luxury high-end international cuisine.

AEON means endless time and you will want to spend endless time at the beautiful restaurant and lounge. The mantra is simple, food first and the rest will follow.

Signature dishes: The chefs at AEON are internationally trained and have worked at leading restaurants in Italy and Russia. The dishes are a blend of international favourites made with the highest quality local ingredients. The signature dishes are all perfectly made with the highest attention to detail.

Dishes sampled:

Each dish sampled was a culinary journey and due to the large menu, it was hard to narrow down a selection to sample. For drinks, it was again hard to choose because of the range of soft, local, and imported beverages.

The Raspberry Fizz and Wild Berry Lemonade were each suggested by the staff as being signature cocktails and they were both spot on with ingredients, taste, and unique qualities.

To start, we selected a small amount of diverse finger foods to see the range of the menu. Usually suspicious of large menus, we wanted to see how AEON could keep continuity throughout and maintain the high quality it claimed. The Bruschetta came in a mini wine glass with soft crackers, making it one of the easiest to eat Bruschetta ever served in a restaurant. Not too garlic-y, but just the right amount of fresh ingredients; it got our palate ready for what was next. The Spring Rolls were crispy and came with a delicious sweet and sour sauce but the show-stoppers were the Sake Salad and the Halloumi Cheese and Tomato starters. The Sake Salad blended salmon, seaweed, and avocado into a perfect Japanese-style salad. Served on chilled leaves and topped with soya sauce and sesame seeds, this salad was large enough to be a main course and would have been shared if it weren’t so delicious. The Halloumi Cheese and Tomato was the other perfect starter with seasoned melted cheese over baked tomatoes making it the ultimate comfort food.

For main courses, we tried to pick diverse items to sample. The Prime Rib came with delicious sides and was portioned far larger than expected, while the Sushi Platter was full of rolls that went down easy and left us wanting more. Overall, every dish sampled was well-presented, tasted delicious, and was of the absolute highest quality. Even with a large menu the attention to detail on each dish was astounding.

Other menu options that appealed: French Onion Soup, Seafood Salad, and the signature cocktails.

Décor: AEON restaurant is split into elegantly crafted sections to accommodate all clientele. The bar area boasts massive 1920s style chandeliers, illuminated shelves of brightly lit liqueurs, and high bar stools, giving a prohibition-era vibe to the bar. If guests want a more romantic experience the dining area is split into formal and more relaxed dining areas. If you are having a meeting or an intimate gathering, then the VIP area with intimate seating and closing curtains is perfect.

Ambience: High ceilings, big chandeliers, dark walls, oversized furniture, mood lighting, and luxurious finishing renders the ambiance very Great Gatsby-esque.

Beverages available: Soft beverages, both imported and local alcohol and a corkage fee.

Top Tip: Go with friends so you can try a bit of everything. With a wide menu that gets better at every turn, from sushi to steak to decadent desserts.

Clientele mix: Airplane business class meets upper crust Cairo is the best way to describe the clientele at AEON. Make sure you are dressed smart casual to be most comfortable.

Price range: AEON is priced fairly for the quality of the food. Most of the menu is on par with other similar restaurants. With high-end menu items, the prices accurately reflect the dining experience.


58, Beirut Street



Soft Opening Hours: 5pm- Last guest leaves

Tel:  0101 844 4186

Instagram: @AEONEgypt



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