Abdeen Palace Museum


A Historical Gem in the Heart of Downtown

Location: Downtown, Abdeen, the entrance is at the back of Abdeen palace.

Abdeen Palace was designed and built by Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish architects in 1863. Worth visiting if you are in Cairo. Abdeen Palace Museum is a remarkable military museum that also houses many historical treasures such as gifts granted to various Egyptian presidents.

18th and 19th century cannons sit stoically on either side of the lush and impeccably groomed garden, with an additional cannon court inside the palace.


The Four Sections of the Museum


The Weapons Museum

The hall showcases various weapons artifacts, which date back to the eighteenth century, some were used in wars and some were gifts to the Egyptian Khedives over the years. Many sculptures of historical figures such as Jen Dunois, Frederick II, King Farouk and Muhammad Ali also grace the grand hall.


The Decorations and Medals Museum

This houses all the medals and gifts awarded to Khedive Ismail as well as all rulers all the way to King Farouk. Most of these gifts are made of precious metals and have precious stones.


The Presidency Museum

This small but ornate hall exhibits presents given to former presidents (Mohammed Hosny Mubarak, Mohammed Morsi and Adly Mansour) and the current president (Abdel Fattah El Sisi). Such as vases, crowns, holy books, statues and paintings.


The Silverware Museum

The embellished dining table and elaborate cutlery, plate set, and antique tea-sets sit in this beautifully embellished hall. The cutlery is pure silver from the 18th and 19th centuries, from countries like France, Russia, England and Turkey.

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