By Shah

Photography by Ahmed Salah

A dream home has been transposed from the vast reaches of the Western Sahara in Morocco to an idyllic garden setting in Giza’s City View. The rich shades of red used in both exterior and interior spaces echo the russet shades of the endless deserts of the Maghreb, and traditional crafts and design elements grace the atmospheric spaces throughout.

The creative flair of Moroccan artisans brings the villa to life with niches, lanterns, finely turned woodwork and the subtle gleam of intricately worked copper gleaming in the subdued lighting. The traditional riad (courtyard) has graceful arches giving shade from the sun, immense iron lanterns sit on the flagstone terraces, all adding to the exotic charm of this stylish home. Every corner and niche conjures up memories of Marrakesh, the winding alleys of Fez, and the elegant mansions of Rabat. There is nothing gaudy, although the ambience is rich, with touches of gold amongst the treasured antique pieces of French furniture. Simplicity and superb craftsmanship sit comfortably side by side.

Antique elements abound, treasures collected from travels near and far. Silken rugs from Turkey and Iran, carved wooden panels and doors embellished with aged brass, even a Buddha head; all catch the eye as you wander through the spacious rooms.  Softness comes in the form of intricately embroidered cushion covers, tablecloths and throws from as far afield as Fez and India, The ever-present palette of red and rust is lifted by a collection of lively Orientalist paintings, panels and bathrooms of zellige tilework, carefully chiseled in white, blues, greens and earthy tones add freshness and a change in texture.

The warmth and dramatic appeal of the unique and charming villa is enhanced by its’ setting. Surrounded by verdant greenery, with a panoramic view over the sprawl of Cairo, it truly is a unique home for its’ cultured and adventurous owners.


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