A Five Star Performance


InterContinental City Stars Takes to the Stage


When an annual ceremony for InterContinental City Stars was in the planning stages in 2012, hotel employee Shady Ahmed was called on to utilise his skills in forming a team handpicked from the staff to participate. Little did he realize what he had set in motion. By 2013, with the enthusiastic support of the Human Resources Manager, the team had put on their first play, Meen Maa Meen.


The hotel management was so impressed that they invited experienced director Amr Hassan on board to help their budding actors. With his help, the next play, Al Asheka, was a great success, leading to an invitation to appear in the National Theater Festival at El Hanager Theater in 2016.




The play itself is based loosely on a script by Lebanese writer George Shehada. Originally called Immigrant of Bersban, the script has been re-worded to reflect life in the Egyptian countryside.


It looks as though we can expect more good things from this talented team of performers, thanks to the support of the hotel management and a growing fan base.

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