9 Fitness Trainers Share Their Motivations


Sara Taha

Founder of My Fitness Egypt

Getting into a healthy routine can be quite challenging in the summer as we’re all on-the-go, with quick weekend getaways that inevitably happen.

And while working out in the heat can sometimes be overwhelming, all you need is a little reminder; that your practice is the daily gift you give to yourself.

Instead of thinking of exercise as a daily obligation, consider it as a way of connecting to your body. Your body listens, it responds, it believes you! Choose any form of movement that you enjoy. Do it with love and keep moving!

Ayman Hakky

Founder of The TriFactory

Training in extreme circumstances and in unfamiliar conditions is proven to strengthen your body and boost your performance. For this reason, it is recommended to step out of your comfort zone and diversify your training methods and locations, such as training on sand or in the heat. There’s no better place for than the beach in the North Coast during the summer season!

Nouni Saleh

Fitness instructor at “My Fitness” & National Team/ Gezira 1st team tennis coach

If you decide to exercise in Sahel, remember to monitor weather conditions, so try to prevent sun exposure from 11 am–2 pm and always put sunscreen on. Drink a lot of fluids before and after working out.

Give your body time to warm up properly before exercising by walking or jogging and some dynamic stretching and also give your body time to cool down after working out. Don’t force yourself to workout, just stay active and move around and most importantly enjoy your summer vacation!

“Be More… Move More”

Mourad Gaber

Head Coach and Co- Founder of CrossFit Engine 38

Summer is the best time of the year, no doubt about that. However, we cannot deny the tons of temptations that come with the package! Temptations of food that make you compromise on how you eat, or vacation laziness that makes it easier to say, “I will work out tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes after 2 months!

My advice to you is to keep it simple, quick and efficient. A well-programmed 20 minute high intensity workout will do the trick and it will always be easy to say, “It’s just 20 min, I will do it”. Keep it diversified with body weight and simple equipment like ropes! Use the outdoors and the scenery. Run, bike, swim and do short and intense workouts! Last but not least; our bodies are forgiving, if you are on vacation and felt like grabbing an unhealthy treat, go for it but with moderation and not every day! Moderation is key!

Stay hydrated and have a great summer!

Sherif Bendary

Head coach and founder of TWC. Kung Fu and Kickboxing world champion.

Summer is here, so spice up your weekend with a totally new experience and train by the beach as it has many mental and physical benefits – mind meditation, burns more calories, better oxygen intake, and good for your joints.

Kickboxing is one of the best high intensity cardio workouts you can ever practice as it releases all the negative energy, reduces stress, boosts confidence, improves coordination and burns mega calories. Imagine what “kickboxing by the beach” can do to your mind and body.

Enjoy your summer everyone and keep safe and healthy.

Sherif Nassar

Co-founder of Crossfit Hitters

I would highly suggest applying a good healthy lifestyle while in Sahel and avoid breaking your daily routine. Usually people sleep early and wake up early to go to work, but when they travel to Sahel they sleep late, wake up late, and eat junk food.

If you don’t want to fall behind on your progress so far, the most ideal scenario is to pack easy cooked meals during your weekend trips and make sure you don’t break your workout routine. At least try to make time to fit in very simple exercises or go for a 20-30 minute run every day.

Farida Nour

All you need is one hour a day to stay fit during the summer, especially with all the unhealthy food temptations out there. There are plenty of fitness classes, so let’s get motivated and workout together!

Download “MyFitnessPal “app to keep track of the calories you take in. And remember to stay well hydrated!

If you’re looking for a group therapy, fun class without even realizing you’re working out, join my Zumba® fitness class in Hacienda this month every Thursday from 8-9pm and Saturday from 12-1pm and for your little ones Zumba® kids every Friday from 12-1pm

Ali Ismail

Founder and Head Coach at Move Egypt

The biggest mistake people make is to stick to one kind of training, whether weightlifting, cardio training, or bodyweight training. They become fixated and believe that it is THE best way to train their bodies, but it’s not. We need to expose our body to infinite types of training and develop all our physical skills through a variety of exercises in order to achieve our optimum physical and fitness goal! So innovate, be creative with your training, and be eager to learn new things!

Mohamed Eid

Palm Hills Head Coach, BeFit Egypt

Well, it is very simple. Since everyone is on the go in the summer and is always traveling, pack your food instead of eating junk and processed food on your way. A high intensity 45-60 minute body weight workout at home including most of the functional movements like squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups can help you stay in shape. A 3-5 km jog every two days can burn those extra calories you’ve consumed on bad diet days.

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