8 Places to Get Your Body and Mind Ready for Delivery


Even with baby on the way, there is no reason for personal wellbeing and fitness to be put to the side. There are great centers in all parts of Cairo where expectant moms can practice yoga or fitness routines especially tailored for those important months. Here are our picks.

West Side

Rofayda Health Park
This complete medical camp offers special medical and fitness services for expecting mothers, current mothers, and babies. Moms-to-be can enjoy a whole range of services and activities, including Yoga Mum with prenatal yoga as a discipline that utilizes postures and breathing techniques, and Fit Mum for Pilates.
Address: 27 Crazy Water Axis, Entrance 2, Sheikh Zayed
Tel: 0127 141 4014
Facebook: RofaydaHealthPark
Instagram: rofayda_health_park

Reform Pilates – Beverly Hills
Prenatal Pilates is a targeted course that is aiming at supporting a healthy pregnancy by keeping moms to be strong and flexible. Exercising during this special time is essential to maintaining good physical abilities, good mood, limiting weight gain and can enhance all the phases of pregnancy and motherhood. The routine is simple and developed over a variety of Pilates equipment to provide the best tools for a better healthy pregnancy.
Address: Beverly Hills, Mall 1, Shop 4
Tel: 0102 772 0204
Facebook: ReformPilatesEgypt
Instagram: reformpilatesstudios

The Center

Mudra Yoga
Prenatal classes are available on Monday and Thursday at 5:30 pm, pre-reservation is a must.
Address: 12 El Sayed El Bakry Street off Brazil Street, first floor, apartment 4
Tel: 0109 408 8155
Facebook: Mudrayogastudiozamalek
Instagram: Mudra.yogastudio

On the Mat
On the Mat offers a variety of classes to suit everyone’s needs. Prenatal women are welcome to come to practice yoga, which is proven to help with pregnancy and even birth. There are regular classes with Heba Mahmoud at 1:30pm on Saturdays and On the Mat offers packages for private sessions with one of its’ certified, dedicated teachers.
Address: 5 Al Morsaleen St. off Shagaret El Dor St., Zamalek, first floor, apartment 4
Tel: 0100 459 3586
Facebook: onthematstudio

Yoga Vidya Egypt
Yoga Vidya Egypt aims to provide a yoga community where people of all age groups and walks of life can explore, practice and study yoga together. The services promote physical and mental health through yoga, massage, meditation, healthy eating and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Enquire about any current prenatal classes.
Address: 12 Sayed Abd El-Wahid St. off Wadi El Nil St., Mohandeseen
Tel: 0122 863 0066

East Side

Vivid Life
Prenatal classes are available at times. Call to see when they are being held.
Address: 13 Dr Naguib Hashad St., Heliopolis
Tel: 0100 141 3026
Facebook: Vividlifeintiative

YallaYoga offers relaxing prenatal Shama yoga classes that prepare the mind and body for delivery.
Address: 15 El Maahad El Eshtraki St., El Hegaz St., (opposite Merryland), Roxy, Heliopolis
Instagram: yallayoga
Facebook: YallaYogaEgypt

Osana Family Wellness
Pregnancy and postal-natal workshops, classes and support are available as well as baby, child and family classes. Osana also offers pregnancy massage, which relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (swelling). It can also induce labor in women who are at or beyond their due date.

Physiotherapy for pre-natal
Through the use of a variety of positional, manual and deep tissue techniques these sessions focus on addressing muscular pain associated with pregnancy, vaginal birth and C-sections. This treatment involves gentle movements, pelvic floor exercises and breathing techniques to alleviate common joint pains, muscular discomfort, abdominal diastasis (muscle separation), urinary tract issues, and incontinence, by promoting core strength, pelvic floor flexibility and coordination to encourage a smoother delivery and postnatal healing. Pregnant women are welcome to start treatment in their 4th month of pregnancy.

Acupuncture for pregnancy
A treatment that specifically targets complaints commonly faced during pregnancy such as morning sickness, lower back and pelvic pain, depression, headaches, and sleep problems. Acupuncture for pregnancy can also help with encouraging breeched babies to move into the correct birthing position, induce labor and promote uterine contractions and dilation of cervix.

Pregnancy yoga
For second and third trimesters only, this class is specially designed for expectant mothers. The exercises offer and encourage deep relaxation, will gently build strength and stamina and also encourage the baby to move into the optimal birthing position. No previous yoga experience is required.
Address: 4 El Nady St., Maadi
Tel: 0101 773 3770
Facebook/Instagram: osanafamilywellness

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