8 Inspirational Instagram Accounts


Through photographing people levitating ,Junanto Herdiawan hopes to give the viewer a look into what looks like a free-

standing subject with a beautiful backdrop



Humans of New York is from the famous Facebook page that turned into a book that chronicles encounters and unique

stories of the residents and visitors of New York City



This photographer based in California photographs subjects and scenery both in his home state and away on his travels



Jared Chambers presents photographs of scenes that are a mix of mystery and approachability



Charity Water is an organization that works to bring drinking water to villages in developing countries .Through their

Instagram account, Charity Water hopes to increase awareness and inspire others to give



Manhattan Beach based photographer captures landscape and elegant photos from both within and outside of the

Golden state



Through simplicity, this Instagram account hopes to inspire individuals to look outside of the box in the way they look

at things and, in return, get the bigger picture



This Instagram account shows individuals the best in scenery and daily life that Southern California has to offer



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