4 of the Best Spring Break Spots


If you’re too busy to plan for a trip abroad this spring break, don’t feel bad, because Egypt has the most beautiful white sandy beaches alongside the stunning turquoise vista of our blue seas. So, here are some of the top locations in Egypt for this spring break.

By Alyaa Sadek 

El Gouna El_gouna_marina_red_sea_egypt

El Gouna is an ideal spring break destination, with its luxury yachts, palatial villas. This village-resort is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for a luxurious holiday with plenty of activities to keep your kids busy, it’s definitely worth it. Parents can enjoy the stunning marine life, sports, and outdoor activities, such as chilling by the sandy beaches, going for kite surfing or calming down with a massage at Gouna’s finest hotels.


 Marsa Allam
marsa alam

A change from the hectic resorts and crowded beaches around Egypt, Marsa Alam is the perfect getaway to spend a peaceful and calm time with family and friends. It’s the perfect destination for people who seek something different; from spotting turtles, crocodile-fish, and octopuses to discovering the Emerald mines and exploring the ancient history of the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.


 Dahab dahab blue hole

You can get the best of both worlds at Dahab, located on one of Egypt’s most sacred locations, Sinai. Dahab is also considered to be one of the Sinai's most treasured diving destinations. It’s also a low-key spot where you can enjoy the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature. To spice things up, activities range from kite surfing to diving in the depths of the Blue Hole.

Ras Sedrkite surfing

If you’re searching for some waves, kite surfing at Ras Sedr is perfect during this time of year because of its shallow waters and steady wind. La Hacienda beach resort is suitable for beginners since the wind carries the kite boarders towards the beach, not away from it.  It’s also a great spot for tranquility and peace of mind. The area is famous for different species of migrating birds, perfect for bird watchers.



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