14 Ways to Acquire New Skills & Know-How in the Business World


By Hilary DiackYou may have worked hard for that Bachelors or Masters degree to kick start your career a few years back, but how well equipped are you now to keep up in a business arena that is evolving at an alarming rate?  With Apps and acronyms that can flummox even the experienced, there is something new hitting the scene every day, along with new trends in company structuring and communication.  The answer? Back to school, we say.
With that in mind we checked out available options for both campus and online courses that can keep you not only up to date, but maybe even ahead of the pack.


When you think in global terms, INSEAD is a name to consider for any post-graduate learning course. Dating back to 1957, when it was founded as a European Business School by the French Chamber of Commerce, INSEAD now has campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and offers a broad range of degrees, PHD and executive education programs. You can study in France, Singapore or Abu Dhabi, or follow one of the selected online courses.

With classes composed of diverse nationalities and business backgrounds, the Global Executive MBA 14 to 17-month program offers a unique opportunity to learn within a truly global environment.

The 18-month Executive Master in Charge program covers much more than business as we normally understand it. It delves deeply into the psychological and emotional factors that drive human behavior and the dynamics of both large and small organizations. It can enrich the skills and understanding of anyone from coach, HR professional, consultant to company executive; in fact, anyone who wants to make an impact in their organization.

If you need to hone your skills and knowledge in the world of finance, take a look at the Executive Master of Finance. Tailored to be accessible without disrupting work commitments, the modules are placed three to four months apart.

The Business Foundations Certificate Program provides practical business and entrepreneurial skills for new graduates for entering a career path.

Executives can benefit from a broad range of individual courses: General Management, Corporate Governance, Top Management, Leadership, Strategy, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Finance, Marketing and Sales, R&D and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship and Family Business, and Partner Programs. Online programs include INSEAD Gender Diversity Program, which helps you establish a healthy gender balance in your organization, in addition to Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption, an introduction to the tools required to cope with new digital possibilities and the planning of effective execution strategies.

Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age is another excellent course aimed at developing organizational skills and knowledge within the fast- paced evolution of the digital environment.


IMD also offers a broad range of management courses and executive programs with a focus on digital development, communication skills, ethics, finance, governance, HR, innovation, leadership, team leadership, marketing, sales, political economy, negotiations, new technologies, operations, organization design, strategy and sustainability.

Senior executives can regain a stronger sense of direction through the transformative energy of CLEAR, or Cultivating Leadership Energy Through Awareness and Reflection. The course extends over 10 months with three modules being held in Lausanne and Champéry in Switzerland, and exotic Bali, in Indonesia.

The High Performance Leadership course of six days takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland, and uncovers the leadership potential and vision within the participants. This can be followed up with the Advanced High Performance Leadership retreat, where attendees interact with other top leaders, take part in in-depth discussions and self-awareness exercises.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so it is well worth browsing through the comprehensive and informative IMD website to see the full range of leadership, management and digital transformation programs lined up in the coming months.


AUC – The American University of Cairo offers a diverse range of professional programs, intensive courses, special courses and certification programs of different lengths and levels.

Enjaz – Although known mainly for recruitment and business consultancy, Enjaz does offer useful courses.

ESLSCA – Post-graduate courses in a range of subjects, from business and entrepreneurship to sports.

LEORON – LEORON Professional Development Institute offers a broad range of practical and certification courses in Cairo and across the GCC on a regular basis.

Contact Details:
Web: www.insead.edu
Facebook: @INSEAD.Executive.Education
Web: www.imd.org
Facebook: @imdbschool
Facebook: @EnjazEnterprise
Web: www.eslsca.org
Web: www.leoron.com
Facebook: @LeoronInstitute

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