10 Tips for Bonding with Your Child From Day One!


“Positive early experiences lay a foundation for healthy development, but adverse experiences can weaken that foundation.” [Harvard University for the Developing Child]

Having a baby is quite possibly the most rewarding experience one can have. Antenatal visits, ultrasounds and medical tests all focusing on the physical aspect of the baby’s health are all well and good, but people often forget that one of the most essential components to parenting is bonding with your baby. Having a secure attachment bond with your child is vital, and as parents, readying the bond should start as early as during pregnancy.

Here are some parenting tips to help you create a strong Attachment relationship with your child, even before he/she is born! By way, the ideas, they apply to all ages.

Tip 1: Just snuggle!

As often as you feel like it, just pull your child to you and hug them. Snuggle, be affectionate; squeeze them tight. Always have some cuddle time; human touch is soothing for both of you. That kind of physical intimacy is important, and the day will come when they don’t want to snuggle with you anymore. Take advantage of it now.

Tip 2: Talk, laugh, and play

The importance of having fun, playing with, holding, and sharing happiness with your child cannot be overstated. Make sure to look into their eyes when talking and sing aloud to or with them. Talk from the start as if she understands and relates to your stories and you will really feel connected.  Don’t be afraid to be a kid. Smiles, laughter, touch, and interaction are as important to a baby’s development as food or sleep.

Tip 3: Disconnect to connect

Disconnect from all, and we mean ALL, your electronic devices to enjoy some quality time with your baby. No mobiles, no laptops, no TV, no beepers and pagers, just you and your baby. There is little more frustrating than a parent glued to the mobile.

Tip 4: Take care of yourself

Yes, you read it right, take care of yourself! Bonding with your child starts with taking care of yourself to be in a quiet and alert state. You also want to have a long life together. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, exercise and do not shy away from asking for help around the house. You should also schedule some time away from all your errands to continue your own healthy personal life.

Tip 5: Understand the unique signals

From birth, each child has unique personality and unique preferences. A lot of the personality comes “built in” from the start. Some children might be calmed by noise and activity while others might favor quiet. The important thing is to learn what your child wants and act accordingly. As a parent, your job is to become a detective and find out what your child is trying to say to you to be able to better bond with him.

Tip 6: Schedule family times

Make sure that there are days when you do not have to work, finish housework, and don not need to run errands. When full days are not possible, joint family meals are perfect opportunities to nurture family life.

Tip 7: Let go of the “perfect”

Stop worrying too much about being the “perfect” parent! You don’t have to be a perfect parent all the time to bond with your child. Just do your best, and don’t worry if you don’t always know what your baby wants as long as you are learning and doing what it takes to understand and connect with your baby better.

Tip 8: Get crafty!

Bust out your craft box and get creative and crafty with your child. Crafting is a time of creativity that benefits both the parents and the children, and allows them to work together.

Tip 9: Bond over books

Reading with kids is one of the best ways to bond. Read with your kids every day for at least 10 minutes no matter what. Since reading with them means being present with them, which is the one gift all parents want to give their kids, taking the time to do this must be like brushing teeth, a necessity! Of course when they are younger, picture books will be a hit.

Tip 10: Swap stories

Share your favorite childhood memories with your son or daughter. It’s very simple, choose a topic, each of you take turns telling your story to the other or with older kids, set aside time to write your story, and then get together and swap what you have written.


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