10 Items to Spice Up Your Home


Whether it’s fabrics, sleek modern splashes, or warm wooden touches – we have gathered some of our favorite pieces from Cairo’s top designers to add a bit of color, chrome and earth to your home.

Colored Fabrics


Sleek & Shiny Touch 

Wooden Goodness

Contact Information:

Caravan Sarai

Facebook/Instagram: @caravanseraidesign
Tel: 0100 167 5855


Facebook/Instagram: @Ashologyeg
Tel:  0100 7372 146

Wall to Wall Egypt

Instagram: @walltowalleg
Instagram: @perihankharmadesign


Facebook: Tafaseel.eg
Instagram @tafaseel_eg
Tel:  01225869850


Facebook/Instagram: @alameinegypt
Mob: 0100 5777 283

Contistahl Pieces

Facebook/Instagram: @contistahlgroup
Web: www.contistahlgroup.com

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