10 Best Summer Beach


Todd Glaser has been staff photographer for a US magazine for years now but it’s his personal instagram that really shines. He’s in the middle of a black and white photo challenge and is showing a really unique view of the ocean.

Todd Glaser (@toddglaser)

Matt Bauer is a “visual consultant” and if you could roll the California sunlight into a ball and then put it in a camera and then blow it up, his feed is what you’d get.

Matt Bauer (@mattcbauer)

The man behind this Instagram account survived a shark attack by punching the shark in the face. He lost a leg, but was back in the water a month after the attack. Mike is a professional surf photographer, and shares his Hawaiian adventures on Instagram.

Mike Coots (@mikecoots)

John lives and breathes surfing so he decided to dedicate his life to capturing the ocean in all it’s beauty. Join him while he travels the world and photographs some of the most successful surfers in the game.

John Respondek (@johnrespondek)

Whenever you scroll by a photo on Jonathan’s Instagram it’s like a splash of sunshine hits you in the face. He captures the California spirit and leaves it right there in your feed.

Jonathan Nafarrete (@jonathan360)

This is one of the most followed travel accounts on Instagram. It’s the work of a husband and wife who travel the world. Check it out right now to be swept away to an exotic location where the sun is always shining and the sea is always turquoise.

Beaches n Resorts (@beaches_n_resorts)

After her father passed, Amber picked up his camera and took it out to sea. Since then she’s put together an amazing collection of ocean photography from her home state of Hawaii.

Amber Mozo (@ambermozo)

You can count on this adventure and lifestyle photographer to capture stunning images of the Southern California coastline. You’ll find nothing but peace and serenity in Matt’s photos.

Matt Bauer (@mattcbauer)

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