Tamer Hosny: The Engine Behind The Money


An established mega star in the pop music world, Tamer has been steadily building his film career with precision in terms of the quality of his films. Known to be meticulous on set and behind the scenes, the 42-year-old entertainer has been critical of his past work and always pushes to make the best movie possible. His latest box-office blockbuster The Money sees the superstar serve as both the writer and lead actor of the film, giving Tamer Hosny full control of his vision. We sat down to learn more about what makes this film different from his past work.

CWM: You’re the main cog of this machine, the lead actor and the writer of this movie. How did you bring the idea to life?

T.H: The type of movies I usually do are classified as light comedy/romance, so this time I chose to work on a new genre: suspense/comedy. The genre, the character and the look we built for Seif is completely brand new and different from how audiences have seen me before!

Tell us more about the role you play. Did you find any similarities in your character? 

Most of the lead roles I’ve played before have relentless perfectionism linked to them, so choosing the role of a con-man role was a departure for me!

I find people have a certain notion of what roles singers should play on the big screen, and it tends to be very limiting. I think challenging people’s perceptions by choosing once again to defy expectations, I broke this notion, much like I did before with Adam or with El Badla.

He is a serious person, but whenever he’s in a humorous situation, he shifts the mood from absolute seriousness to a light-hearted mood and in that we are pretty much alike. However, I do not approve of the way he thinks and how he decided to walk down a wrong path just because he couldn’t attain his goals and dreams.

What was the most challenging thing you, as Tamer Hosny, faced during the shoot?

The first challenge I faced was the body transformation I undertook to play the role. The character I play is heavily built and has a high level of athleticism, even in the way he runs or fights. To pull this off, I followed a strict workout plan for six months straight to be able to achieve the look needed for this character. I spent most of my day in the gym!

The other challenge I faced was changing the technique I usually use to make people laugh. The humorous moments in this film originate from a serious place, not from a comedic situation or set up for a joke.

How was the vibe on set, have you worked with this cast before?

All of the actors and actresses are old friends of mine! The energy on set was light-hearted and jolly, and I do believe that when there is harmony the cast behind the cameras, people tend to see it on the big screen.

Who is the funniest person from the cast in real life?

I can’t choose one person, because the whole cast is really funny, and we were laughing all the time whenever we were all in the same room!

Without giving anything away, which scene was your favorite?

A very important scene is the one where Khaled El Sawy and I face off against each other and argue about the very notion the movie is built on. Do we both act out of free will or was everything destined to happen? It required a great deal of work beforehand to pull off the scene in a cinematically thrilling way.

How does this movie differ from other movies in the same genre? What should the audience expect before they go see the movie?

What makes this movie unique is how it’s a blend between action, suspense and comedy. The movie, however, discusses deeper subjects for us as human beings. Are a person’s choices in life their free will or are they destined or fated to choose them according to a greater force, such as God’s pre-existing plan?

The audience should expect to see what they love about my usual acting work, in addition to enhancements and an evolution in my acting skills.

Quickfire Round

What did you want to be when you grew up, as a kid?

I wanted to be a professional football player, but then a predetermined course of events prevented me from achieving this dream and lead to me a new dream. Looking back, if I was given the choice again, I would choose singing.

Who was your ultimate celebrity crush?

My wife, Bassma Boussel.

What’s your worst annoying habit?

I’m always on my phone working.

What’s the best film you’ve recently seen?


If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

Abd El Halim Hafez, may he rest in peace. I’m curious to know if he was aware that he is a legend, or did he become a legend after his death?

What compliment do people give Tamer Hosny the most?

That I am humble.

Which movie do you wish you’ve acted in?

El Shaba7 

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

The more you give to those around you, God will reward you with much more.

Cats or dogs?


Social media – love it or hate it?

It’s a love/hate relationship. It facilitates good things, but also creates bad side effects.

In 2020, Tamer Hosny wants _______ to disappear!


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