Real Estate 2017 Summer Issue


Sodic Caesar

Location: Located at km 82 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Caesar has 1.1 km of white sand coastline, and 1.3 km of beach-front along one of the most beautiful bays on Egypt’s North Coast. The new Fouka road will facilitate a much smoother commute from Cairo, leading straight to Caesar, providing a hassle-free drive in only 2 hours.

Available Units: Stand alone villas and Standalone chalets ranging from 250 m2 to 400 m2.

The terraced landscape allows for a mesmerising view of the Mediterranean from 80% of homes, half of which have 2 views, The Beachfront and The Bay.

Attractive Features:  Caesar consists of The Bay, The Beach Front, The Pier, The Terraces and The Views.

Caesar’s bay delivers on a promise of quietude with its serene, crystal clear, pool-like waters that span along a gloriously sandy coast. Just a short walking distance from the restaurant and The Pier, The Bay is the perfect spot to unwind and take a dip, while children safely play in the nearby playgrounds.

The Beachfront: Our sparkling beachfront, with its palm-lined shore and pristine open waters, is the perfect spot for the brave of heart, the athletic and adventurous who appreciate a little challenge on the open sea. It offers a wide array of beach activities such as canoeing, kayaking and various outdoor sports. Caesar’s beachfront directly overlooks Ras El Hekma, making it, essentially, a large bay where all homes are guaranteed a spectacular view of the clear, calm, pool-like sea water.

The Pier: The Pier gives the chance to savor the exceptional views of Caesar as a whole; with its walkways, decks, and signature restaurant, its unique location serves as a natural divider between The Bay and The Beachfront areas.

The Terraces: Caesar’s exquisite beach is its main attraction, which is why The Terraces offer unobstructed sea views along the residences, serving as the epitome of an all-around summer feel.

The Views: Whether it’s breakfast with a view, or a warm cup of coffee outside during sunset, The Views delivers an exquisite view of both The Bay and The Beachfront.

Facilities: Pools, the Caesar Spine which includes walking and jogging tracks, Tempo Beach Restaurant, outdoor gym, BBQ and seating areas, and an outdoor games area.

Caesar is equipped with 24-hour facility management and security by EDARA, SODIC’s own property management company.

Beaches: Caesar is the only place on the North Coast, which offers two beaches; it is divided into a unique bay and an equally formidable open sea area, depending on your preferences.

Finishing Specifications: All units are delivered as core and shell; finishing palettes are offered to clients one year prior to delivery.

Payment Plans and Facilities: Up to 6 years

Date of Delivery: August 2018 and August 2019

Almaza Bay

Location: 34 km before Marsa Matrouh, North Coast.


Available Units:

Almaza Bay Residences:

Ground Chalets:

Upper Chalet and Roof

One-storey and two-storey Villas



Junior Chalets

Superior Chalets

Town Home

Town Villa

The first four rows have a 100% sea view; the fifth and sixth rows have some units with a sea view.


Attractive Features: Crystal Lagoons, cinema, a downtown area with coffee shops and fine dining, in addition to 1 km beach front plus four 5* hotels that offer facilities such as pools and spa.


Finishing Specifications:

Almaza Bay Residence: Shell and core

Beachtown: Fully finished with ACs


Payment Plans and Facilities:

Almaza Bay Residence: 15% down-payment, remaining amount to be paid in instalments over 4.5 years.

Beachtown: 20% down-payment, remaining amount to be paid in instalments over 4.5 years.

Prices are expected to increase to reflect the dollar rate increase.


Occupancy rate of compound:

Almaza Bay Residence: 90% sold out


Date of Delivery: Almaza Bay Residence – Phase 1: 3 years from signing the contract

Beachtown: 3.5 years from signing the contract


Citystars El Sahel

Location: Citystars Al Sahel is located midway between Marina and Marsa Matrouh, 90 km after Marina and 90 km from Matrouh, at Fouka, and 6 km from Exit #3 of the new Cairo-Fouka Road.

Available Units:

The gross project area is 740 acres, equivalent to 3,100,000 m², with Phase 1 of 160 acres.


Phase 1 includes:

917 Units allocated as follows:

3 types of villas with areas starting from 300 m² up to 380m².

1 type of twin villas of 265 m².

Twin chalet with areas starting from 195 m² up to 240m².

Neymar Chalet (floating chalet)


Townhouses from 215 m² up to 240 m².

2 apartments buildings of 2 types including apartment with areas starting from 115 m² up to 150 m².

All units have a sea view – except ground floors

Attractive Features: Citystars North Coast will include an exclusive residential complex, hotels, blue lagoons strategically distributed within the project and recreational facilities especially designed for the seasonal nature of the area.

These include Neymar Lagoon, La Voile Rouge, beach club, a 25-acre water feature and aqua park, Citystars Mall, 2 hotels, blue lagoons

Project Facilities:

  • Citystars Al Sahel Mall.
  • Beach facilities.
  • Swimming lagoon.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Entertainment facilities.
  • Kid’s area.
  • Solar solutions.
  • Bicycle and jogging lanes.
  • Beach club house.
  • Huge entertainment area of almost 24 acres.
  • Citystars Al Sahel commercial building.

Finishing Specifications:

All units are fully finished – some chalets are fully furnished.

Payment Plans and Facilities:

Zero % down-payment, instalments over 7.5 years

Prices have increased by 25% to 30% from 2016 to 2017

Date of Delivery:



Location: Bianchi is situated in a prime location, 134 km along the Alex-Matrouh road of the North Coast.

Available Units: 14 Units are available in the last building C, located in Phase 1, sizes range from 120 – 140 m2. Almost all units enjoy a sea view due to the elevated location.

Attractive Features:  Great community spirit,  privacy and security. There is a clubhouse, pool, bar, beach bar, Wellspring, La Coupe coiffeur, Cilantro and Five Bells restaurant.

Finishing Specifications: Greek style, fully finished.

Payment Plans and Facilities:  2 year instalment plans.

Date of Delivery:  Building C delivery 2018 with Phase 2 being launched soon.

Phase 1 is fully occupied, expanding Building C in Phase 1, future expansion of Phase 2.

Blue Mar (Wadi Degla)

Location: Blumar Sidi Abdel Rahman resort is located on the beautiful beach of Sidi Abdel Rahman on the North Coast, a two and a half hour drive from Cairo.

Available Units: 270,000 m2 of units that are built on multi-levels, offering a spectacular sea view.


Attractive Features: Blumar Sidi Abdel Rahman is designed to provide the perfect holiday for every family member, where they can enjoy the comfort of a beach home with the amenities of a full service resort.  Residents will enjoy access to lush greenery within relaxing landscapes.

Payment Plans and Facilities: All current phases have been sold out and delivered, but Phase 4 is due to be launched soon.

Jefaira (Inertia)

Location: Jefaira is located 100 km away from Marsa Matruh, 200 km from Alexandria, 300 km from Cairo, 20 km from the Dabaa new road and 90 km from El Alamein road.

             Available Units:

  • Sea Front Stand Alone – 800 m2
  • Villa A: 600 m2 land with a 268 m2
  • Villa B: 480 m2 land with a 247 m2
  • Twin House: 672 m2 land with 336 m2
  • Chalet A: 168 m2 to 225 m2 with a garden that covers 275 m2 or terraces of 110 m2 .
  • Chalet B: 170 m2 to 178 m2with a garden that covers 290 m2 or terraces of 180 m2 .
  • Condos: The two-bedroom apartment has an average area of 125 m2 and 25 m2 The three-bedroom apartment has an average area of 175 m2 and average terrace of 20 m2.

In Phase 1 almost all units will have a sea view.

Attractive Features: Jefaira has a unique topography that varies from white sandy beaches to a cliff that goes up to 40 m above sea level, which allows the project to have a one of a kind product, cliff top villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Unique cove beaches, naturally sculptured which will provide a feeling like nowhere else in the North Coast. Jefaira will be the first to introduce a sea view apartment building located in the second or third rows overlooking the Sea.

Jefaira will include a promenade with the full width of the land (3.6 km), a marina with retail outlets, hotels, sports facilities, educational facilities, medical facilities, convention center, downtown area and a park.

Finishing Specifications: All apartments are fully finished and the rest are core and shell.

Payment Plans and Facilities: 10% down-payment, instalments over 7 years,

There are more phases are in the pipeline.

Date of Delivery: Phase 1: Jan 2021

La Vista

Location:  At km 170 from Alexandria -Matruh road, and directly adjacent to LA VISTA BAY, LA VISTA BAY EAST occupies a strategic location, centrally positioned along the North Coast.

The Fouka exit road ends directly in-front of the LA VISTA BAY EAST gates making access from Cairo more quick and convenient. Residents and visitors traveling that road will end their journey directly in front of the LA VISTA BAY EAST gates, thus saving time and effort driving the other routes.


Available Units:

Directly adjacent to LA VISTA BAY, LA VISTA BAY EAST is sprawled over

1,200,000 m2 of land, and is comprised of 6 rows of chalets and stand-alone villas. Units are arranged in a semi-circular step-formation, guaranteeing that every single unit has a sea view.  Choose from chalets ranging from 150 m2 to 160 m2, as well as villas ranging in size from 220 m2 to 420 m2.

Attractive Features:  LA VISTA BAY EAST is designed in the classical LA VISTA style, romantic and elegant, adhering to a philosophy of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity. With several pools to choose from, cascading waterfalls, and beach pools, a refreshing dip is always a few steps away from any home. Not to mention the 1,000 m long beachfront that joins that of LA VISTA BAY.


LA VISTA BAY EAST also provides commercial and entertainment outlets, sports facilities, beach activities, medical services, and a lot more, letting residents enjoy  their vacation all summer long. Year-long maintenance and security ensure the continued upkeep of units, and of the entire resort community.


Mena 5

Location: Km 201 Ras El-Hekma, North Coast

Available Units: Beachside Studios 55 m2,  Chalet 146 m2 and 170 m2, Villa 275 m2 and 300 m2, 80% of units enjoy a sea view.

Attractive Features: Mena 5 will have an aqua park, restaurants, cafés, pools and a commercial area.

Finishing Specifications: Fully finished.

Payment Plans and Facilities: 20% deposit, instalments over 6 years.

Date of Delivery: Starting from current year.


Seashell (New Giza)

Location: Nestled along Egypt’s beautiful North Coast, Seashell covers 1 million m2 of land with 1 km of pristine Mediterranean beach. Strategically located at km 134 on the Alex Road, it is a short drive from the capital and at close proximity to all of the coast’s happening destinations.


Units: Seashell has taken seaside living to a new level offering a variety of elegantly designed units. Each unit integrates nature’s elements with the structural aspects of the houses. The letter of each unit’s name represents an element and that element is seamlessly fused into the architecture of the homes, which fall under it: Sand, Echo, Air, Stone, Horizon, Light and Shapes. Seashell’s sloped topography guarantees an optimal seaside view for all units.


At Seashell, less is truly more and thus, all excessive ornamentation and unnecessary clutter was avoided leaving room to enjoy the beauty of landscaped surroundings, natural topography and the inspiring architectural lines.

Beyond looks, Seashell ensured form and function weighted equally with incredible designs serving their purpose well. Seen as “shelters”, the homes at Seashell are built with materials that welcome the summer sunshine whilst enduring the winter weather and are planned down to the very last detail to ensure the user experience is optimized both inside the home and in the outdoor places across the community. At Seashell, the architecture seeks to create alternative ways of living and invites residents to enjoy Sahel in a different light. Seashell’s unique open design approach maximizes the use of space all the while paying attention to the aesthetic side of things. The open nature of the interior spaces allows for natural light to come in and circulate throughout the entire home, which creates an unparalleled sense of harmony and seemingly uninterrupted flow.


Attractive Features:

A prime location for summer homes, Seashell features distinctively designed houses, from beachfront villas to lofts, penthouses and chalets, it caters to the cosmopolitan crowds that appreciate the finer things in life. Set to be home to ritzy boutiques, lush dining options and a boutique hotel, Seashell will bring together the best things in life. Seashell has drawn inspiration from the sand, echoes, air, stone, horizon, light, and shapes and today their influence is apparent in every Seashell home.

The perfect blend of simplicity and modernity, Seashell creates a harmonious relationship between its modern architecture and natural surroundings and invites its residents to enjoy the serenity of this harmony.

One color was chosen as a theme around the compound and blend in with the different colors of surrounding nature and that color was yellow: the color of warmth, summer and light. Every single line has a certain function and traditional ideas that were unnecessary were eliminated and recreated through architecture. Homeowners and visitors will have the luxury to choose from an array of venues by the beach and downtown. From restaurants to beach outlets, there will be plenty to indulge in. Its vibrant downtown area is set to include a convenience store, supermarket, and a varied range of retail outlets.

Date of Delivery: Summer 2018

Swanlake (Hassan Allam)

Location: SwanLake North Coast  (SLN) is situated at Km 90, a couple of kilometers before Caesar’s and Mountain View, and approximately 55 km after Hacienda El Gammal. The new Fuka highway takes you directly to SLN on the coastal highway.

Available Units: SwanLake North Coast has a full array of products ranging from ground floor chalets to large 5 bedroom stand-alone villas.


Standard Chalet (ground with garden, upper with penthouse and roof terrace).

Built up area 205 m2, excluding penthouse/roof terrace (3-4 bedroom).

Premium Chalet (ground with garden, upper with spacious roof terrace).

Built up area 225 m2 excluding roof terrace (3 bedroom).

Twin House

Built up area 265 m2 (3-5 bedroom)

Stand alone “D-villas”

Built up area 321 m2 (3-5 bedroom).

Stand alone “C-villas”

Built up area 433 m2 (5 bedroom)

90% of all units have sea views, particularly from the first floor, as the natural topography gives a minimum of a 3 m elevation between rows.


Attractive Features: Three crystal lagoons covering over 10 acres in total and over 2.5 km of pristine white powder sand beaches. With a tight-knit community of friends and families, the majority of whom know one-another or have mutual acquaintances.


Several restaurants available in the clubhouse and on the beach itself, all of which are known established brands. The clubhouse will also have a world-class spa and gym. There will be allocated children’s playgrounds throughout SLN’s spacious park areas, as well as small kiosks sprawled across the beach. A stretch of approximately 500 m from the coastal highway to the main gate of the compound will serve all the retail requirements of the residents. Alongside that is an area allocated to sports facilities, football fields, tennis courts, etc…  to serve residents, there will also be a concierge service offering all necessary maintenance and day-to-day services available in any 5-star resort such as a day care service, housekeeping and doctor’s clinics.


Finishing Specifications: All units are fully finished with kitchen cabinets and fully fitted bathrooms.

Payment Plans and Facilities:

Phase 1&2 –    5% reservation

10% contracting (2 months after reservation)

85% over 5 years in 20 even quarterly installments

Phase 3 –         5% reservation

15% contracting (2 months after reservation)

80% over 7 years in 28 even quarterly installments


Prices have increased in steady increments since the project launched in summer of 2015.  2017 is no different, but prices have increased fractionally more to accommodate the VAT and EGP devaluation.


Date of Delivery: First delivery of phase 1 units is June 2018, and clients purchasing new units today in any one of the 3 phases get 2 years delivery of their units and payments of up to 7 years.

White Bay

Location: Tucked away on an irresistible and secluded stretch of Sidi Heneish’s pure white beach and dazzling turquoise sea, WhiteBay enjoys the ideal location. Hidden from nearby distractions, the signature concept guiding the resort is Wellness. From Mediterranean views and an unmatched serene setting, to modern design and specially appointed spaces for rejuvenation, the tranquil resort presents a fresh take on summer living outside the city.


Available Units: This summer, WhiteBay’s villas are set to be some of the most spacious and modern in the North Coast with the launch of the Nirvanas —a set of luxurious and modern front row villas, each uniquely designed as a personal sanctuary. Offering a haven of relaxation, the Nirvana Villas will be standout properties with glass facades at every floor capturing Sahel’s sublime sun, sea and sky.


Attractive Features: WhiteBay features expansive sports and spa facilities, with effortless access to swimming waters and exceptionally styled spaces with smart solutions throughout. Residents will also enjoy extraordinary privacy and exceptional surroundings—elaborately designed gardens add to the oasis-like feel of WhiteBay and at the heart of the resort is a 14,000 square meter crystal lagoon, a hub for both relaxation, entertainment and family fun.



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