El Moez Street


Photo Credits: Mohamed Meteab  Cairo West  Photographer

Moez Li-Deen Allah is considered to be the largest museum of Islamic Antiquities in the world. Situated in the area of Al-Azhar in Cairo, this street is considered to be a place of pilgrimage and archaeological and touristic interest, while still working as a commercial market that is frequented by thousands of Egyptians and foreigners every day.

Named after the Fatimid caliph Moez Li-Deen Allah who sent his commander Gohar AlSakly to Egypt in 358 AH – 969 AD  to place Egypt under Fatimid rule until the year 567 AH –1171 AD, Moez Li-Deen Allah Fatimid Street contains beautiful Islamic monuments in the world from the Circassian age and the Ottoman age, valuable artifacts and architecture dating back to establishment of Cairo. Then the era of Muhammad Ali. These monuments are replete with a spirituality and beauty that testify to the magnificent artistry and architecture of the Egyptian Islamic culture, notably the Hakim Bamr Allah mosque, the mosque and book of Suleiman Agha Selehdar, the Beshtak Palace, the School and Dome of Negm El Deen Ayoub, the Ashrafieh School and the Alfkhany mosque.

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