Making Mom’s Life Easier with Tech!


The Consumer Electronics Show has wowed us once again with some mindboggling new inventions. Not just for the guys, mind you. We have rounded up some gems worthy of a place on any mom’s wish-list. Some have already hit the market; some are due to come out during 2019. Keep your antennae tuned …

Baby Bump
Phillips Avent has launched their Pregnancy+ which gives users a way to follow their baby’s development with 42 weeks of 3D fetal imagery. Pregnancy+ allows mom to track and share her pregnancy journey with family and professionals.

Monit Smart Diaper Sensor
Your baby will love you for this. Protect your little one from diaper rashes and urinary tract infections by getting an alert the minute it is time for a diaper change. Monit’s Bluetooth sensor attaches to the outside of the diaper and detects the presence of liquids or solids. Then it sends you an alert.

Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry
Halo, Motorola’s new monitor, has a 1080p camera that connects to the side of a crib or cot, hanging over the top so you can keep an eye on your little one. It also features infrared night vision of up to 10 meters. Halo will also project virtual light mobiles and soothing music.

A Magic Wand for Flawless Skin
It had to happen, the answer to every woman’s prayers. The Opté Precision Skincare System from P&G Ventures is made up of a Precision Wand and a Precision Serum, which work together to provide long-term benefits and instant coverage of problem areas. The wand uses four technologies: blue LED scan lights, an integrated digital camera, a Minicomputer Precise Color Algorithm and a Micro Serum Jet Printer. Used with Precision Serum, the wand may just be the next best thing to the Elixir of Youth.
We are waiting for it to pop up here in Egypt.

Snore No More
The Hupnos anti-snoring sleep mask could be solution to a problem that nobody likes to discuss. The mask comes with an app that picks up on when you’re starting to snore. It uses its built-in accelerometer to determine your sleeping position and vibrates to get you to move to a less ‘snore-able’ position. It can also increase the pressure when you exhale or Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) to help open up your airways and stop any snoring.

No More Counting Sheep
Urgonight is a headband and app combo that uses electroencephalogram (EEG) patterns to deliver feedback to teach you how to produce sleep-enhancing brainwaves. Apparently for sustainable results it take three months of three 20-minute sessions a week to achieve. Volunteers?

The Ultimate Accessory
Icare Technologies brings you the Aeklys smart ring. Designed by Philippe Starck, the minimalist but distinctive Aeklys is the dematerialized key to a less burdened lifestyle. Using Wave control, a patented gesture developed by ICARE Technologies to secure payments, you only need to slightly press Aeklys with your thumb to activate your payment whenever you want! Learn more about this shoppers’ dream on Icare Technologies’ equally stylish website.

Become a Kitchen Diva
The KitchenAid Smart Display is a multi-functional smart home device with a 10-inch display that will offer home chefs a variety of tools and applications including step-by-step recipe instructions, shopping lists and smart home control via a central hub with Google Assistant already enabled. Using voice commands, users can research meal inspirations, watch step-by-step videos or enjoy live music or TV.

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