How to Sync your Android Device with Mac


Syncing an iPhone with a Mac is a piece of cake. But what about Mac users who are

using Android phones?

They will find that syncing an Android phone with OS X isn’t quite as obvious. That

said, it isn’t terribly difficult either, here’s what to do:

2. Top Android Sync Manager apps for Mac

Here’s the Top Mac software for syncing your Android device to your Mac. Some of this software requires Wi-Fi

connection, some can work via USB cable.

MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac): A powerful sync manager to sync contacts, apps, music, photos, videos and more

between an Android device and Mac by using a USB cable. With this easy-to-use software, you can upload and

download all types of data and also manage your applications. You can install or remove apps, send SMSes, transfer

files of all formats and save a backup of your phone data on your computer.

DoubleTwist: This free app is a great Android sync manager for windows and Mac. You can sync music from your

computer to your Android phone or tablet in a snap. Just like iTunes for Mac, doubleTwist software is for Android. You

can keep your music collection organized, sync music, video and photos back it up on your computer, subscribe to

podcasts and even listen to live radio. It also syncs video and photos, and has a very clear and intuitive interface.

SyncMate: It allows instant data sync and backup from your Android to your Mac. It has an excellent interface and is

very easy to use. It can sync contacts, calendar, photos, videos, documents, text messages etc. by using the IP

address of your Android device.

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