Hassan El Raddad


Hassan El Raddad On Life, His Career and His Future

By Shorouk Abbas

Exuding energy, a trim and toned Hassan El Raddad effusively greeted Cairo West Magazine when we met to chat about life, marriage, and his current work.

But that’s not all, as if his schedule wasn’t full enough, the star aims for the best fitness level in a celebrity soccer competition.

CWM: Hassan, what can we look forward to this coming Ramadan?

HR: I am currently working on a series called Nooh, directed by Mohamed Ali and created by scriptwriter Ayman Salama.

What I like about the story is that it is a social drama about real life situations and relationships. I find this type of role difficult to perform as it involves a lot of emotions. Not much action or comedy to rely on, just how well you embody the emotions. It is tough but I like to challenge myself as an actor. Nour El Sherif, whom I consider my mentor, taught me how to scan and record human emotions and reactions.

I owe him a lot, as it is how my career unfolded. Many times when I am faced with a situation where I need advice, I feel his presence and recall what he used to tell me.

Did you always see yourself as an actor?

Growing up in my birthplace of Domyat, I always dreamt of becoming an actor and a soccer player at the same time. My only problem was how was I going to coordinate between both.

The soccer player has to go to bed early and the actor stays up late! Later on, my passion for acting grew stronger. In the 90s, I decided to come to Cairo to pursue my dream of becoming an actor.

What can you tell us about your earliest roles?

My first role was in Kheyanna Mashrou, (A Legitimate Betrayal). Khaled Youssef chose me for the part after an audition at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts. Later, my professor Dr. Samira Mohsen recommended me to Nour El Sherif for the series Al-Daly as Sa ; ad Al-Daly middle son, Bassem. I also appeared in the series Ibn Al Arnadly, where I portrayed Aly Al-Arnadly, the son of Yahya Al-Fakhrany. After that, I worked again with Khaled Youssef on Kaf Al Amar.

I feel lucky to have worked with these iconic figures at the onset of my career, it set me on the right path.

How do you prepare for a role like that of Zan2et El Setat?

This was definitely a controversial role. Against the advice of many, I chose to take it.

I love roles that are daring, break taboos and strive away from the norm. A male belly dancer is a tricky role to play. There is a well-known belly dancing coach that I was told to watch on YouTube.

I watched his every step and learned his technique by heart.

Yet it is not only about copying the physical moves, it’s about how you can get to feel the same way so you project the same emotions on screen.

What motivates you?

I believe that each person should believe in him or her self the most. I left Domyat and came to Cairo because I believed in my dream. I wanted to become an actor, but at the time I knew no one in the field. Social media did not exist then so I even knew very little about actors.

I was one of thousands who applied to the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts. I knew then that one day I would be proud to have believed in myself, even if the odds were against me. The journey was not easy, but my determination kept me going. I always set goals for myself and held a firm determination on achieving them.

What are the challenges and the best points of having your wife Amy in the same industry?

Managing our busy schedules is definitely a challenge but we have not been tested yet. Since we got married we have not been shooting at the same time. However, I believe we can always work things out. I believe we have to make time to be together and not let our work take over our lives. The benefit of working in the same field is that we will both understand the long hours on set.

I believe work gives women depth and maturity. I am an advocate of women’s empowerment.

My mother was a working-woman. She had her job in a governmental organization but still managed to take care of her family.

What is a role that you would love to play?

The role of a mentally disabled person.

Quick Fire Round: Favorite actor?

Amitabh Bachchan. He is the reason I wanted to become an actor. I actually met him once at the Indian Cultural Centre and immediately turned into a child who met his hero. I knew then what it felt like to be a fan.

Favorite movie?

My favorite foreign movies are Godfather, and Mard (starring Amitabh Bachchan).

My favorite Arabic movie is El Aar starring Nour El Sherif.

Current playlist?

I like uplifting music, Jazz and R&B.

Favorite cuisine?

Egyptian food. I like pigeons, duck and potato casserole.

Person you call every day?

My mother and my sister, I am very close to my family.

Favorite App?


Favorite exercise routine?

Outdoor sports in general. I love CrossFit.

Best advice received?

By Hassan El Basry: (I learned that my fortunes are only destined for me, so my heart eased). 3alemto anna rezky lan ya2khozoho ghairy fa itma2an qalby “علمت أن رزقي لن ياخذه غيري فاطمان قلبي;

Pull quotes:

“I will always choose daring roles that break taboos and are out of the norm”

“Nour El Sherif is my mentor, I still recall his words of advice”

“ I have a lot of respect for working women. My mom was one”

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