PRESS RELEASE: Egypt Gate Expo on November 7th 2018


Under the patronage of Ministry of Housing theTop25 real estate developer gathering in Cairo conference center  

“EGYPT GATE EXPO”  the Strongest benchmark for real estate market trends in Egypt

the Deputy Minister of Housing For National projects, Eng Khaled Abbas, will open the exhibition «EGYPT GATE EXPO, on Wednesday 7th November 2018, at the international conference Hall Nasr city, Under patronage of ministry of housing utilities and urban development, with participation of the Top 25 real estate developer in Egypt, the important event will be organized by “DAR EL Miniawe” which specialized in organizing exhibitions and conferences in cooperation with media partner AL Aqaria newspaper & magazine

The exhibition “EGYPT GATE EXPO” is the marketing of more than 85 diverse projects between residential, tourists, commercial, administrative and service sectors throughout Egypt. The developers of these projects have the confidence of the real estate market audience, specifically the “A.B +” segments. As the participating companies have extensive experience in the real estate sector  , which has gained confidence and credibility over many years , SODIC , HYDE PARK, CITY EDGE, and TATWEER MISR, AL AHLY SABBOUR , MADINAT NASR FOR HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT, IWAN, M2 DEVELOPMENT, EQUITY, DORA, LANDMARK, IGI, UPVILLE, MARAKEZ, WADI DEGLA, PACT, ARDIC, SAUDI EGYPTIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, HOUSING& DEVELOPMENT , REAL MARK, OUD, REMCO, LIVING YARD, EGYGAB

The participants will be presented with a wide range of offers, facilities and benefits offered to visitors to the exhibition, which will serve as a benchmark for measuring real market trends, according to a survey of experts and developers in the real estate market conducted by the company in cooperation with the media partner AL Aquaria newspaper.

The participants stressed that this exhibition, including the experiences of major real estate companies in Egypt, is a strong indicator of measuring market trends in the coming period, as the most important event witnessed by Egypt in the last quarter of 2018

They added that this important exhibition is an opportunity to invest the financial surpluses of Egyptians, especially in light of the low interest rates and gold prices, stressing that the purchase at the moment is already an opportunity will not be repeated again

They pointed out that this unique real estate gathering includes real estate companies owned by the state, whether the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Public Works Sector, or the private sector companies, who have a long history of drawing a clear mark on the urban development map in Egypt

It is worth mentioning that «DAR EL Manawa » for the organization of exhibitions and conferences have a long history in organizing exhibitions inside and outside Egypt, where during its history has managed and supervised the achievements of the establishment of more than 25 exhibitions between Cairo and various Arab cities, and has achieved more great successes and distinct, The companies that participated with them since its inception and so far. These exhibitions have contributed to increasing sales of the real estate market and guiding the compass of developers according to the needs and requirements of the market


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