CIFF 2016 at Cairo Opera House


The stars were out at their brightest for the launch of the Cairo International Film Festival. CIFF 2016 was definitely an event on our calendar, and Cairo East Magazine loved every moment of the scintillating opening event. Cairo Opera House proved to be a perfect setting for CIFF, and the Red Carpet let the many stars in attendance shine in their stunning evening wear.

The program opened with a tribute to Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who sadly passed away a few days prior to the event, with many celebrities choosing to wear black in respect of this. A fully packed auditorium then enjoyed a running feast of entertainment, with presentation of the Faten Hamama award to much-loved actor Ahmed Helmy being a high point. Official guests from several countries spoke about their delight at being present, along with prominent members of Cairo’s business and social elite.

A preview of films being screened during the festival was followed by a special screening of Kamla Abou Zekry’s A Day for Women. The film played to a very responsive and appreciative audience, which included the stars of the film as well, and proved to be a fitting close to a glamour-packed night.

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