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Ashraf Hamdi

Versatile, talented and very much in the news; actor, writer and film-director Ashraf Hamdi co-stars with Nelly Karim in Cannes Film Festival 2016 entry Eshtebak (Clash). Nominated for the category Un Certain Regard, this will surely propel him further on his already stellar path. What more do you need to know about this man-to-watch?

• His role in Tareeky series last Ramadan made a great impact on viewers.

• Although he always wanted to be a screen-writer, director and actor, he actually graduated and worked in dentistry before studying acting in London.

• He honed his acting skills by learning to write scripts, this helped him to land auditions.

• He respects Leonardo Di Caprio, Ryan Gosling and Ethan Hawk for their pragmatism in balancing between independent and commercial films while pursuing their careers.

• He had his first international big role as an actor in the Italian film Flowers of Kirkuk, which was selected in the official competition of Rome Film festival, then widely released in Europe

• He directed the first Middle East Samsung commercial with stars Hazem Emam and  Lara Scandar. It created a buzz for its unique style.

• He wrote the film A to B with Mohamed Hefzy, which was very well received in the Middle East.

• He has directed and shot several music videos for independent artists including the latest single for Osama El Hady ‘El Shams Mesh Baeeda’.

•  He got a break after his role in the Egyptian psychological horror film Wingrave, a magazine article led to the job of presenting the morning show Sabahak Sokkar Zyada, which went on to be a great success not only in Egypt, but throughout the Middle East.

• He produced and conceived Dubbizle’s commercial campaign.

• The short video film Open Your City Aswan, directed by Ashraf Hamdi, was created for Heineken.

• At the early age of thirteen he was actually performing in clubs and venues as part of a hip- hop group called Black Moon.


• His work in Aswan was featured as part of Egypt’s This is Egypt Tourism Campaign on a Times Square billboard in New York.

• His favorite holiday destinations are Greece and the USA.

• The most recent book he has read is Every Day by David Levithan.

• He enjoys pizza, waraa’ einab, and recently, quinoa salads.

• His worst habit is being so distracted he forgets to ask about people if they are not part of his daily routine. 

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