The ‘Must Haves’ for your Apple products


Logitech Keys to Go

Trying out long emails on the iPad is nice, but not fun. If you want to turn that device into a real productivity tool, you better pair it with that compact, waterproof and very durable keyboard.


Apple iPhone 6S Battery Case

The smart battery case is engineered specifically for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 to give you longer battery life (up to 25 hours) and protection.


Lacie Porsche design drive with USB-C

If you love the new Apple Macbook, you should have the Lacie USB-C drive on top of your list, available in 500Gb, 1TB and 2TB.


ArkoniPad Car Mount

One way to keep your kids occupied while on the road is to let them enjoy a movie or a TV show on the gorgeous iPad screen. You can mount the iPad on the back of one or both the front seats.


Ollo Clip Quick Connect lens

This handy clip adds some really nice functionality to the amazing camera on the iPhone, by allowing you to take fish-eye, wide-angle and macro snaps. No extra app is needed as it just works with the iOS Camera app.

Nest (iOS)

Designed by the people who brought the iPod to you. The smart thermostat is controllable via an iOS app, uses six sensors that adapt to your living pattern so you can turn up the heating or cooling on your way home.


Belkin Thunderstorm

The iPad-friendly portable speaker dock promises to deliver cinematic quality audio for watching movies and gaming on your Apple slate. An iOS app is available to control audio settings as well.



The self-powered flash module does what you’d expect from a professional flash – it lets you take pictures in poor lighting, even in dark conditions that the iPhone’s built-in flash would struggle to deal with.


Griffin Powerdock 5

Is it a frustrating situation where there is a lack of chargers available? Problem solved. The powered USB dock charges up to 5 iOS devices at the same time.


Typo 2

This is the perfect keyboard case especially for people switching from BlackBerry to the iPhone.

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