8 Free Useful Apps to Have on Your Phone



  1. Google Photos


There is no better solution to Apple’s built-in iCloud photo library like Google Photos. It’s an app for backing up and managing your photos, in addition to unlimited free storage. To spice things up more than just photo storage, Google added fancy image recognition, to let you search for snaps of your interest.


  1. Foursquare


Being indecisive is not that bad when you have Foursquare as your best friend. The app recognizes your location and helps you find innovative and new places to dine at. It can also deliver expert tips of what you can order by using the feedback and reviews of its 50 million users.


      3- VSCO


With very high reviews and is said to be the best iOS photo software app, download VSCO to upgrade your photo editing skills; and get the chance of experiencing dozens of new high quality filters. It’s not limited to editing capabilities like Instagram, each filter exists to surpass the effect of an old-school camera.


  1. Dark Sky


Knowing the weather was never that interesting, most weather apps give basic forecast information. Instead, dark sky takes it a step further by sending notifications to warn about when it’s about to rain and any major weather changes, using your exact location. It’s like having weather radar in your pocket. 


  1. Pocket


If you’re on the hunt for something to ease your life, you need to give Pocket a try. By using Pocket you can easily bookmark anything you want to read, even downloading stories to read for when you’re offline. You can also share comments with other Pocket users, and it also recommends articles based on your interest.


  1. Mint


Mint is an app which provides insight into all your financial accounts and credit cards. It helps you see pending transactions, account balances, and even the remaining balance in your personalized monthly budget. These features make this app a must-have for emergencies and for keeping track of all your finances.







  1. Evernote


A virtual notebook, which you can have, everywhere you go. It’s perfect for jotting down whatever comes to mind. You can also save articles, audio files and images from the web and even upload pages from physical notebooks. The best part is that everything you add to Evernote is searchable, so you can find it the next week or even years from now.


  1. Uber or Careem


At some point, you might need a cab and there just won’t be any in sight. You can save yourself the hassle and time by having Uber or Careem on your phone. Both apps are easy to use and will come pick you up wherever and whenever you need them, often for less cash than a regular taxi. Although, watch out for surge pricing, if rides are high in demand then prices double.


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