By Yasmina Kalaaoui


  1. Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die is a modern twist on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, written by Danielle Paige. This book is a young adult fantasy about Oz. Dorothy comes back to Oz and becomes an evil ruler. Later comes Amy Gumm, who arrives in Oz via a tornado in Kansas, but unlike Dorothy she is recruited by the Revolutionary Order of The Wicked to train and fight Dorothy.

Daniella Paige

  1. Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is a contemporary, realistic work of fiction written by Jay Asher. This book is about Hannah Baker, who commits suicide, but before she dies she sends a tape that contains thirteen reason why she chose to end her reasons life.  Hannah sends the tape to Clay and others that brought her to this point in her life. This is a heartbreaking story about depression.

Jay Asher

  1. The Young Elites

The Young Elites is a science fiction, romantic young adult book written by Marie Lu. Decades ago an illness came to Adeline Amouteru’s nation. The children that survived were left with strange markings, all of Adeline’s hair turned silver and she received a mark where her left eye once was. Her father thinks that she’s an abomination. The scars are more than any normal scars. The scars contains powerful gifts. For those who have the scars have to remain a secret and together they form the Young Elites.

Marie Lu


  1. The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles is a dystopian fantasy that has everyone captivated. The author Marissa Meyer has created a whole new world full of androids and ‘lunars’. Cinder, the main character is part android and part lunar, and is also a kidnapped runaway. These books follow Cinder’s adventures in trying to escape the lunar queen’s wrath and claim her rightful spot in the lunar monarchy.

Marissa Meyer

  1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an exciting series of young adult books about wizards that has taken the world by storm. The seven book series by J.K Rowling is about a young boy, Harry Potter who is a young wizard-in-training that battles for the greater good with his two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

J.K. Rowling

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