20 Places in Cairo for Kids’ Art & Culture Classes


If you think you have a budding Beethoven, an aspiring Picasso or even a new Einstein in the making, check out our pick of some great alternatives to (yep, you guessed it), television or electronic games. Many hobbies enjoyed in childhood can lead on to successful careers, so why not be the greatest parents ever by opening the door to fun, fulfilling pastimes, right now.

Music Classes

Art Mania

Art Mania is a music learning center with talented, well-educated teachers offering music lessons in classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboards, oud, violin, drums, kanun, percussion, flute, music theory and vocals. There is also a sound-proofed, fully equipped Studio for jamming and rehearsals.

Cairo Music Center

Founded in 1989, CMC is an institute for teaching all musical instruments from piano, guitar, violin, and drums to oud. Singing classes are also available. You can take exams in over 35 instruments, Singing, Jazz, Theory of Music, and Practical Musicianship with certificates from the ABRSM in the UK.

Dom Tak Cairo Rhythm House

Dom Tak Cairo Rhythm House offers a contemporary approach to learning different instruments from different cultures, offering a variety of musical experiences for all ages.

House of Pianos

The House of Pianos provides carefully planned, leveled lessons for beginners of all ages.

Piano lessons usually follow a simple format of one-on-one with the instructor, where the student is trained in the various techniques, and then carefully assessed to ensure advancement from one level to the next.

Kythara Music Center

The institute covers music and painting, in addition to ballet, gymnastics and taekwondo. Check the website and FB page to explore further.

Symphony Maadi Music School

Music lessons in Maadi and New Cairo. Have fun learning to play piano, rock guitar, classic guitar, drums, violin, flute, cello, recorder, ukulele and vocal classes and gain international music certificates from London College of Music. Adults and children from 5 years upwards are welcome.

Boosting Brainpower


After School Enrichment Classes explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks.  Students participate in 4 week sessions focused on exciting themes including Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, and Natural Disasters.

Energica Kids Activities

For kids from 5 to 11 years.  The program includes acting sessions, SICO drama, origami, Zumba, Indian dance and fitness sessions with professional instructors in addition to jewelry making, arts and crafts, cooking and much more.


Engineeius™ is an international company offering programs in five areas: Engineering, Game & App Programming, Digital Media, Robotics, and Math for ages 5 to 16 years. It offers STEM- themed programs for kids and teens in form of summer camps, winter camps, weekend programs and competitions.

Era Workshops

ERA leads the way of self-discovery by offering unique training programs for children, teenagers and adults, to ultimately introduce energetic and fruitful human beings to the community.

Intelligent Mental Arithmetic (IMA)

Intelligent Mental Arithmetic (IMA) Egypt is an educational center for children ranging from ages 3 to 12 years. IMA is not math. It’s a brain development course through the abacus which has a five-thousand-years cultural history.


Keinstein prepares children to be superheroes of a future robotics world. They lean to test themselves with practical experiments and be surprised with what science can help them create and learn. Yoga and meditation are also offered to teach kids how to stay calm and happy!


LogiClub offers Robotics and Programing workshops for children of ages 4 to 16 years.


UC MAS (Universal concept of Mental Arithmetic System) is a unique scientifically-proven mental development program designed for children and young people to develop their latent mental power at an age when brain development is reaching its peak – children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Learning mental arithmetic in U C MAS improves the speed and accuracy of calculations. Children develop concentration, observation, visualization, imagination, memory, speed, accuracy, creativity and self-confidence.

Art & More

Onna Art Academy

The Academy aims to discover children’s talents and work on their development through the latest technical training methods and provide comprehensive training programs that develop the child’s artistic and creative sense.

Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue offers a wonderful experience for kids to play and have fun in a friendly, social environment. It offers arts and crafts, cooking classes, gym classes, Zumba classes and fitness sessions for kids.

Anamel Art Academy Activities

A huge variety of courses and activities for children, covering arts and crafts, design, music, ballet, martial arts and much more.

Fagnoon Arts & Crafts Center

Fagnoon offers lessons for children in painting, silkscreen, drawing on glass and ceramics, accessories, pottery, wood carving, carpet weaving, and planting.

Dance & Drama

Vogue Dance Center

At Vogue Center, children can enjoy a selection of dance classes including ballet, salsa, tango, Zumba, hip-hop and folkloric. Kick-boxing, Yoga and MMA Etiquette are also available.

The Golden Theatre

The Golden Theatre is a modern edutainment company and performing arts academy that offers drama courses for children. These courses include acting, script writing, directing, singing, dancing, modelling and much more! Follow them on Facebook to learn about the amazing performances that take place in the theatre on a regular basis.


Art Mania
Address: Galleria40, Sheikh Zayed
Tel: 0128 593 5573
Facebook: ArtManiaCenter
Cairo Music Center
Address: 14 El Zohour St., Sedico
Buildings off Airport Road – Heliopolis
Tel: 02 2266 7544
Facebook: @CairoMusicCenter.egy
Dom Tak Cairo Rhythm House
Address: 10 Mahmoud Azmy St., Zamalek
Tel: 0122 800 1177
Facebook: DomTakCairo
Instagram: dom_tak_cairo
House of Pianos
Address: 6 Mohammed Hasan Al Gazeiri,
Tel: 0122 212 9052
Facebook: @houseofpianosegypt
Kythara Music Center
Tel: 0100 656 6625 – 02 2450 9282
Website: www.kythara.com
Symphony Maadi Music School
Address: 4 Rd 275, 9th Floor, New Maadi
Tel: 0100 636 2870
Facebook: @symphonymaadi

Onna Art Academy
Address: 34 Mohamed Shafik St., Mohandeseen.
Tel: 0115 404 4132
Facebook: @onna.eg
Pink & Blue
Address: 37 Amman Street, Dokki
Tel: 0120 000 2516
Anamel Art Academy Activities
Address: 5 El Falouga St., Nasr City
Tel: 0127 546 4333 – 0114 493 0003
Facebook: @anamelartacademy
Fagnoon Arts & Crafts Center
Address: Abusir, Al Badrashin
Tel: 0100 529 3822 – 02 381 51633
Facebook: @fagnoonarts
Vogue Dance Center
Address: 82 Abdel Aziz Fahmy St., 1st Floor, Heliopolis
Tel: 0100 107 5795 – 0122 231 9145
Facebook: @VogueCenter
The Golden Theatre
Address: Dandy Mega Mall, Alexandria Desert Road
Tel: 0100 177 7708
Facebook: @thegoldentheatre
Address: Villa 10 Diplomats District,
Sheikh Zayed.
Tel: 0111 088 1188 – 0111 088 0088
Website: www.bricks4kidz.com.eg
Energica Kids Activities
Address: 126 El Yasmeen 1, First
Tel: 0103 324 4409
Tel: 16258
Facebook: @engineeius
Era Workshops
Address: Sama Mall, New Cairo
Tel: 0112 532 2226 – 0112 532 2228
Facebook: @ERAworkshops

Intelligent Mental Arithmetic (IMA)
Address: 10 El Sharifa Dina, Saray El Maadi
Tel: 0111 820 8208 – 01009974724
Facebook: @imaedueg
Address: Fifth Settlement, behind
Concord Plaza
Tel: 0100 159 0033 – 0103 266 3910
Facebook: @Keinsteins
Addresses: Maadi, Togamaa and Sheikh Zayed
Tel: 0100 010 8161
Facebook: @LogiClub
Address: Mohammed Shafiq Square behind Heliopolis Hospital
Tel: 0101 049 9890 / 02 2635 9027
Facebook: @UCMASEgypt

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