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11 Things to Know About Huda El Mufti


By: Mariam Elhamy

The eagerly awaited project from the mind of legendary writer and director Mohamed Hefzy and directed by Mohamed Sakr has finally hit the cinema after ages on hold. The gritty blockbuster revolves around events taking place in an unnamed Red Sea resort town several years ago and features a number of well-known names like Eyad Nassar, Basma, Injy el Mokkadem, Ahmed Malek, Shereen Reda and more. With a story revolving around the lives of several characters from all walks of life, this film is one to watch. We sat down with Huda El Mufti to talk about her character in the film.

What makes you love this movie?

This movie is different in many ways, even in the filming locations. It seemed like a simple enough shoot on paper, but it actually turned out to be challenging. The story addresses a specific layer in society that is everywhere around us, but we can’t easily see it and that’s what attracted me the most to this film.

Tell us the scene you had the most fun shooting?

All of them were fun to shoot, but specifically any shoots that involves traveling were great because the group of actors were so nice. Also the party scenes for sure, because they seemed so real!

Do you like traveling?

I love traveling, but I get a bit worried about traveling far, so I usually tend to travel to nearer places. When it’s worth it, I don’t mind going the distance.

Do you relate to your character in the movie in any way?

Not at all … and you’ll see why if you watch the film.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m working on the series Valentino for Ramadan with Adel Emam and Ramy Emam, and a film named Dido which is coming in Eid.

Any laughable moments on set?

All the time, there was a lot of laughter, joking and playing. But there was serious work as well …

What did you do on New Year’s Eve?

I spent it chilling in Siwa.


Favorite app?

Favorite fashion icon?
Vanessa Hudgens

Best beauty tip?
Water, water, water.

Dream vacation spot?

Always in your bag?
Hairbrush Huda El Mufti

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