7 Steps to Leaving a Toxic Relationship for Good


Toxic relationships can really change the way you think about yourself and how you see yourself. The constant emotional abuse and manipulation are capable of destroying your mental health and leaving you emotionally exhausted. toxic relationship

We’ve collected some steps from the experts at BeenVerified so can follow them as a guide to help you leave a toxic relationship with minimum damage.

1. Determine that you’re in a toxic relationship

Pay attention to your feelings and ask yourself if your partner displaying any of the behaviors that suggest you are in a toxic relationship, such as:

  • They always call the shots
  • Drama always seems to be at play in your relationship
  • Your partner takes zero interest in your family, friends and interests

2. Journal your emotions

The next time your partner makes you feel bad about an expressed interest, or sighs with reluctance at the mention of meeting your family, write down how his or her reaction made you feel.

A study by Harvard University suggests that expressive writing “helps people to organize thoughts and give meaning to a traumatic experience”.

Toxic relationships prevent personal growth, so keeping a journal of your feelings can help you navigate your true feelings and increase your awareness about what this person is doing to you.

3. What benefit are you getting from the relationship?

You’re obviously with this person for a reason. He or she might make you feel attractive or important, or supports you financially. Whatever the benefits are, be aware of them. Doing this will help you realize the things holding you back from moving on.

Remember that letting go of an unhealthy, toxic relationship will only open the door for a healthier one.


4. Know your own value

The cycle of a toxic relationship goes like this: The toxic partner manipulates and controls you – making you feel distressed and upset – then when you express wanting to leave, he or she uses charm and seduction to lure you back in.

toxic relationship

This is not how a healthy relationship goes. You are valuable with or without your partner and should always know that.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Connect with friends and family whom you have strong, positive relationships with for support. Remember that the quality of these relationships matters. Toxicity is contagious. Seek those relationships in which you can confide in that person.

6. Have the conversation with your partner

At this point, you know what’s best, so be firm. Sappy romantic charm cannot lure you in again, tell yourself. Focus on stating how the relationship is making you feel, instead of pointing the finger at your partner. Blame is a dangerous game because it usually backfires.

7. Save money

Wanting to leave a relationship and being financially able to leave the relationship can be two separate things. Experts suggest saving cash to create some financial independence may help you to take the plunge to end the relationship. toxic relationship

8. Pick up new habits or hobbies

The end of a relationship is a good time to pick up new hobbies or interests, or perhaps pick back up interests or hobbies that you used to enjoy but haven’t done in a while. Hobbies can both boost self-respect as well as put you back into contact with new people who share those interests.

9. Don’t jump back into another relationship

Experts suggest taking time to reflect and heal will help to salve the wounds of a past relationship, and help to recover your self-esteem before jumping into another relationship – and perhaps repeating past mistakes.

10. Love yourself

You deserve love and the freedom to express yourself, and your toxic relationship was only holding you back. Always remember that! toxic relationship

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