5 Beach Mood Summer Reads You Have to Pick Up Today


It’s time to kick back and get a well-deserved break, and that means catching up on the season’s top-selling books. Check out these hot picks and see what will be popped into your beach tote this month. summer reads 2022

1. The Candy House

by Jennifer Egan

It is tough to follow up on a Pulitzer-winning book, but Jennifer Egan has nailed it. After the success of A Visit from the Goon Squad, The Candy House is every bit as thought-provoking as it inspects a near-future in which tech has taken over the space of our personal memories. Or maybe we are already there? summer reads 2022

2. Trust

by Hernan Diaz

Trust is one of the ‘must read’ books of the summer as it unpeels the layers of wealth, power, capitalism and the flexibility of truth. Approaching the story in different forms, namely an unfinished manuscript, a diary, and a memoir, it is a novel that is both revealing and riveting.

3. The Paris Apartment

by Lucy Foley

summer reads 2022

Already getting rave reviews, The Paris Apartment is set in a Paris apartment building in which every resident has something they would rather not be known.

When her life hits a bumpy stretch of road, Jess needs a change of scene. And with a half-brother already ensconced in Paris, what could be a more appealing escape? But when she turns up to the door of Ben’s obviously upmarket apartment, he can’t be found.

The neighbors are not overly friendly and are a strange mix at best. And the more Jess tries to solve the story behind Ben’s disappearance, the more it seems that they all have something to hide. summer reads 2022

4. A Slow Fire Burning

by Paula Hawkins

summer reads 2022There’s nothing like a good ‘who dunnit’ to while away the hours and Paula Hawkins latest offering offers plenty of suspense. One young male murder victim, a houseboat, and three women, each with a motive and secrets to hide. The plot twists and turns and keeps you happily along for the ride.

5. Desert Songs

by Yahia Lababidi

summer reads 2022A bilingual poetry book where the poet crafts a mythic Egypt… a land abundant with connotation, fertile with image and nuance. Its mountains are an “imperishable memory of the desert/craniums exposed, crumbling horribly” and a “school of inscrutable sphinxes/master storytellers sworn to secrecy.” The desert “is a cemetery/picking its teeth with bones. summer reads 2022

The book is translated to Arabic by Syrian poet, Osama Esber and includes beautiful images of Egypt by gifted Moroccan photographer, Zakaria Wakrim.

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