The How’s and What’s of Being a Ramadan Host and Ramadan Guest






The How’s and What’s of Being a Ramadan Host and Ramadan Guest

Many things come to our minds when we say the word Ramadan but mostly, the holy month is about praying, TV shows and above all FOOD! Whether you are having iftar or sohour, you are almost always either expecting people over or going over to people. In order to make sure you are a perfect host or guest, you need to follow a few guidelines:


  •  Host
  • Guest
  1. When inviting, ask the guests if they want something specific they’d like to eat or if one of them has an allergy towards something.
  2. Make a variety of foods, like soup, salads, proteins, and carbs.
  3. Even though you know the guests will bring dessert, make sure you prepare your own.
  4. Make a bar. Get a table and place the hot drinks (tea cups, teaspoons, teabags and kettle.) Make sure the kettle is close to a wall socket so that you can easily re-heat it. Even the guests can help themselves.
  5. If you aren’t ready yet with the food, don’t panic! Move around slowly, otherwise you will make the guests feel like a burden.
  6. Offer the last piece of any dish to the guest but don’t over fill the guests’ plates. They might be really full but shy to confess.
  7. If the guest drops or spills something, tell them to leave it where it is and you do the cleaning. Never make an annoyed face. Hide anything that you’re afraid might get ruined, especially if the guests have kids.
  8. Never start eating without your guests, wait for them to arrive no matter how late they are.


  1. Unless you have a case, accept whatever the host has to offer.
  2. When you eat, compliment the food and the person who cooked.
  3. Make sure you bring dessert, even if it’s something small.
  4. Try to feel comfortable and help yourself. It will make things a lot easier for the host.
  5. If you find the host moving around quickly and in a hurry, lend out a helping hand.
  6. If you drop or spill something, try to clean it up quickly, even if the host offers help. Don’t make a big deal out of it, probably no one will mind.
  7. Try to use the minimum amount of utensils, refill your plate and your cups. Try not to use new ones.
  8. Try to be there on time, especially if you’re invited to iftar, as everyone will be hungry and ready to eat.


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