Plan the Perfect Picnic With This Checklist


What are some of the things you think of when imagining the perfect picnic? In honor of International Picnic Day, here are some of the items you will need to have the picnic of your life.

1. A handy and dandy picnic basket.

A must-have in our opinion since it’ll help you store everything you take in a way that is easy to carry. The basket will free up your hands and allow you to enjoy strolling around and finding the perfect place to set up your picnic.

2. A nice picnic blanket.

Definitely a must-have because you’ll need to place all the containers and food on something so that you can be comfy and easily pick up whatever looks tasty and start munching on it.

3. A speaker.

You’ll want to play some summer hits to get along with the mood and setting. Don’t forget to prepare a playlist ahead!

4. A backpack in case you need extra space to store anything.

You can also use this backpack if you want to go for a quick hike and you need something to hold your water bottle, a towel, some tissues or wipes, your phone and/or wallet.

5. A deck of cards can never go wrong.

If you’re feeling a bit heavy and lethargic after the food, you can just revive your energy levels with a few good laughs over a card game. It’s also a great way to bring out the competitiveness in the group.

6. An icebox.

To cool off you’ll need to stay hydrated and what better way to keep them cool than by placing them on some ice inside your brand new icebox?

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